[Role Playing Game] Warlands - The Westmarch (Alpha)

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Jul 18, 2013
Warlands - BlackGate Raid Teaser! (Alpha Multiplayer RPG)

Warlands - The Westmarch
(Alpha Forum Post. Will add stuff periodically)

The starting Champions, will be adding a new screenshot with all of them soon.
Honorable Mention - Special Thanks
Tickles - Without his/her help, Warlands would not be what it is. Go give this person some love.

"What is Warlands?"

Warlands is an Open World, 8-10man Multiplayer Role Playing map that brings wondrous adventure and glorious combat together. Set in the dark world of Alaria, adventurers must work together to venture out, survive the hostile land, and ultimately claim glory for their warband. Choose one of the 24 custom made heroes with their own unique play-styles, roles, and abilities and charge forth, facing the unforgiving denizens of the realm.

  • Unforgiving Enemies: Enemies understand how your party works and will attack the weaker members. Quick, deceptive, and brutal. Monsters will never back down. Kill or Be Killed.

  • Terrifying Dungeons: Sealed areas full of unspeakable evils. What horrors lurk in the darkness..?

  • Epic-Scaled Bosses: A mighty troll that breaks mountains, a massive hydra who waits in the deep waters, a dragon who's roar shatters the skies. Alaria is full of monsters who have been the bane of adventurers. Will you slay them and claim the glory?

  • Player vs Player: Create warbands to stand against the darkness together, or betray your comrades, the choice is yours. With open-alliances, you can create allies and enemies at will.

  • Glorious Loot: Treasure gathered throughout the ages. A legendary sword. A master-crafted bow. Bags of Gold. What will your adventures bring? Fortune favors the bold.
"Oh ye' wandering soul.. what have the fates in store for you..?" -Aldomaes, God of Creation.

You are a recently created champion of Alaria, how will you influence her future? Do you seek out Gilgamesh, the King of Dragons and challenge him to single combat? No, because that's a terrible idea. Venture outside the walls of Crestfall, and carve a path to glory.. Carefully!

  • Group Oriented: A mighty warrior that taunts a cave troll will only get so far without a devout priest to heal his broken body. And the devout priest will only survive long enough if the elusive ranger pins down and eliminates enemies. But alas, that elusive ranger cannot avoid everything, The mighty warrior will need to threaten the cave troll. Stand together or die alone.

  • Mere Mortals: You are mortal. You have no superhuman regeneration, once you take damage you will need to find ways to restore your health and mana, or perish. Although you are Mortal, death is not the end, Aldomeas will revive you. But at what cost?

  • Massive Open Map: - You are in the Westmarch region of Alaria. Mostly Roman architecture. Although dangerous, you are able to venture to every corner of the world.

  • Crestfall: A massive city that stands as a bastion against the darkness of the world. This will be the main hub of your journey. Merchants and Tradesmen fill the streets, almost anything can be found here.

  • Companions: How much stuff can you stuff in your stuffy before your stuffy has stuffed enough stuff? Let's face it, you can't carry three sets of armor, a battle axe, a bag of gold, and the head of a bandit lord while fighting dragons. So hire a companion to carry those things! Companions are able bodied adventurers with a basic set of fighting skills that will follow 64% of your commands.

  • Open-Alliances: You can ally yourself with anyone in the game, allowing you to adventure together with them so long as they see you an ally as well. But with such freedom, there are those tempted to betray their comrades. Remember your friends, never forget your enemies.

  • Lighting: Lighting plays a major factor here, a cavern with no natural light source will be impossible to navigate without a torch or other light source, come prepared, or be lost to the darkness.

  • Dark Regions: (2-10 player) Dark Regions are areas in the world that are heavily masked in shadows. Enemies here are much more dangerous than nearby areas. Finding the void-stone and destroying it will help lift the darkness, making the area safe to travel.

  • Dungeons: (4-6 player) Havens for monsters, bandits, and evil. Dungeons are smaller, challenging instanced areas throughout the world that offer great rewards and greater risks for those who dare venture into them.

  • Raids: (6-10 player) The most dangerous places in Alaria, full of the deadliest creatures known to man. Tread lightly through these pits of hell, as the creatures that rest within are feared for a reason. Full of deadly traps, horrible creatures, and endless amounts of treasure. Do you dare seek the treasures that lie inside?
BlackGate Prison

(First raid, 6/10 man)


BlackGate Prison was known as Hell on Alaria. dishonorable guards walked it's halls, cruel and merciless, they were both feared and hated. Prisoners of war, heretics, and other offenders of the law filled it's cells, their screams echoed through the hollow corridors.. Alas, that was years ago and it's unholy halls have long been abandoned, sealed with unbreakable magic, and silence had befallen the dark prison.. Until now. Rumors have begun to spread among the townsfolk of Crestfall, tales from Merchants travelling the roads near BlackGate tell of muffled cries from within.

What horrors await you within the forsaken walls of BlackGate Prison..?
  • Five Terrifying Bosses - The damned souls of those who have fallen, or those who were abandoned within.
  • Uncover the Horrors of BlackGate Prison: Why was BlackGate sealed? Where did all the prisoners go? Uncover the dark story as you traverse the forsaken prison.
  • Legendary Gear: Armaments long forgotten by the world, do you have what it takes to wield them?
  • Secrets: BlackGate was known to have a number of hidden rooms, full of ill-acquired treasures.
Terrain Teasers


Please take into consideration, the map is entirely made by me. (With small areas of help from the hive) so it may take a decent amount of time before it's fully released. Also, the screenshots are merely concept and are by no means final product.

I am more than happy to hear your ideas and opinions, feel free to let me know what you'd like to see in Warlands.
Where Credit is Due

Fingolfin - Buildings and those trees.
Deolrin - Models (Those crates, entirely breakable.)
Hexus - Models.
Direfury - Glorious Models. Go check them out.
Epsilon Models.
Tranquil - Models.
John_Drake and ZeroX - Models. (Those loyal guardsmen.)
Apheraz Lucent - Skins.
Kwaliti Models. (That Lich King, damn.)
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Level 24
Aug 13, 2011
Wow, I wasn't expecting that much work already put into your project. It looks and sounds great. It also sounds very ambitious with the additions of PvP, raids, etc., but I know I'll definitely be following the progress to see what comes of it.
Level 8
Nov 4, 2012
This looks promising, only problem is multiple people are required to play this game (6-10).
But either ways good luck will be waiting and looking out for the alpha.
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Jul 18, 2013
This looks promising, only problem is multiple people are required to play this game (6-10).
But either ways good luck will be waiting and looking out for the alpha.

I may reduce the amount of players required to complete the PvE aspect, but the PvP sides will only really work if there are more people.
Level 3
Jul 18, 2013
It's coming together pretty well, slowing down a bit to handle the balancing issues with each class to make sure they are all effective at their role without being godlike.

The name was from my old, original death-match style map that never came around. The Westmarches is the region that the story takes part in, a dark and cursed land, I plan to make other maps with the same style of gameplay in different regions of the same world, eventually.
Level 27
Oct 28, 2011
Very promising project. The terrain can be vastly improved but it is looking good so far. There is no complex systems but you seem to know what you're doing with the basic features that you have which is way better than serving us complicated system yet not knowing how to blend them together.

I'll keep an eye on this project. Keep it up man.
Level 3
Jul 18, 2013
Yeah, I still have a lot left to do with the terrain to finish it, the screenshots are by no means final product.

Attempting to keep the game simple, classic Warcraft while having it's own mix of custom elements.

Nothing like a shiny classic, right?