Warhammer TD 3.38 Bugs & Glitches

Level 14
Sep 29, 2003
I'll list some of the bugs i came across during gameplay, listing them in no particular order. Maybe other forumgoers might add to the list for the creators to peruse.

Chaos Space Marines: Slow Poison Ability & Freezing Attack does not work, do splash vs air (not sure this is intended)

PlagueBearer: Slow Poison Ability does not work, no splash

Disease Aura (Nurgling, Pleaguebearer, Great Unclean One): area a bit too small, duration is not 10 seconds.

Raptor: Not enough aerial splash

Bike: Does not have any Abilities, costs too much, damage too low, no splash

Nurgling: No Splash, Slow Poison ability does not work

Terminator/Chosen/Obliterator: Pitiful Splash, Dark God abilities do not work, Hellfire missles stun for a microsecond, added bloodlust ability should be removed in favor of working dark god abilities and upped splash should make these cost efficient.

Daemon Prine: bit pricey, not enough splash

Lord: Too expensive for damage/ability(Nurgle's Lord does not do Slow Poison)

Great Unclean One: Aura does nothing, Slow Poison does nothing, bit expensive.

Chaos overall sucks because their abilities simply don't work or are missing. Their towers are too expensive across the board from raptor and up although the special units of each dark god are useful (if they work) and well priced overall.


Races quest info is not showing completely, dropping off in the middle of the explanation.

I hope that Ralle & Bloodletter can get this fixed since i like Warhammer Td alot but it is a bit sad that Chaos just doesn't work :/

Furthermore, maybe delete the black barrels since you don't want players to spam buildings (hence the foodcap) but you place about 200 barrels on the map, won't help much ;)