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Warcraft Universe: Year of the Obsidian

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Apr 14, 2011
Warcraft Universe
Year of the Obsidian

What is Warcraft Universe: Year of the Obsidian?
Warcraft Universe: Year of the Obsidian is a modified multi faction game wherein you're race is either from the Warcraft realm, or the descended Obsidian race, who tries to take over the universe.

What are the races in the game?
The races are as follows:
Human, Dwarf, High Elf, Blood Elf, Orc, Troll, Ogre, Tauren, Undead, Nerubian, Night Elf, Naga, Dranei, Gnoll, Alpha Wolf, Giga Spideria, Goblin and the newly descended race: Obsidian

The Obsidian Race

Cursed Slave =Are builder units, cursed by the dark mage Aizeka. They are immune to magic, and have the ability to teleport.
Striker =Are melee units. Their original name was Obsidian Golems, but because of their powerful tackles, they have the name Strikers. Also they are immune to magic.
Plague Thrower =Are ranged units. They excel are long range, and immune to magic. They can slow enemy units.
Speeders =Are fast moving human units. They are not immune to magic, but can easily escape.
Worshipper =Are magic units. They are immune to magic, and can slow enemy units. They can sacrifice to deal damage against all units. They are not immune to magic.
Stone Mage =Are ranged units. They can possess enemy units. They are immune to magic.
Obsidian Giants =Are heavy units. They deal enormous damage, and can shoot rocks at air units. They are immune to magic.
Air Destroyers =Are flying units. They only damage air units. But when in Roller mode, they damage ground units. Not immune to magic.


Obsidian Overlord =Is a strong, brutal melee hero. Skills contain Obsidi Spikes, Exodus Protectus, Hardness Aura and Champion Mode.
Spellstinger =Is a weak ranged hero. The skills are powerful. The skills contain Stone Curse, Summon Obsidian Golems, Cursed Darts and Teleportation.
Judgement King =Is a brutal hero. Skills contain Lightning Swords, Summon Thunder Elemental, Shock Aura and Boulder Tide.


Obsidian Gateway =Main building. Trains Crused Slaves. Can research Backpack.
Pool of the Black =Main troop production building. Trains Strikers, Plague Throwers and Speeders. Researches Dash, Improved Throwing and Fleet Training.
Obsidi Crystal Storage =Main food production building.
Tower of the Deep =Defensive tower. Reveals invisible units.
Molten Statue =Blacksmith like structure. Upgrades the units attack, speed, defence and hit points.
Arcane Pool =Magic unit production building. Trains Worshippers and Stone Mages. Researches Worshipper and Stone Mage Adept and Master Training.
Temple of the Hardest =Trains Obsidian Giants and Air Destroyers. Researches Roller Form and Obsidian Giant and Air Destroyer Adept and Master Training.
Dusted Archive =Shop for the Obsidian race.

More Info soon...
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