Warcraft: Ultimate Battle hosted on Hive!

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Apr 2, 2013


It goes without saying that both ladder and custom game players alike have dreamed of playing other races in WC3. It's been quite some time since we had an altered melee hosted on Hive. Scars of Conflict was the last one, but now we've returned to the genre with a splash. Presenting Warcraft: Ultimate Battle!

Ultimate Battle is a massive total melee race compilation, perhaps the biggest project of its type, brought to you by @Unregret, @Wa666r, @ZiBitheWand3r3r, with major contributions from other creators. The main map, Raging Stream, allows you to play as one of 4 original races or 14 custom and unique races and counting!

Each race has their own strategies, differing units, expansive techtrees, exciting heroes, and unique abilities. The aim was for them to be as complete as the main four races, but also to make sure they have their own identity just as the original four. Most of the custom races even have fully functioning AI. But if you prefer playing with and against other players, you can! Thanks to Blizzard's 1.27b patch, you're able to play this over battle.net without any third party tools.

The series also uses an a plethora of custom resources from Hive authors. Without all the custom models, skins, UI, spells, and icons, the factions wouldn't be able to stand on their own.
14 Playable Custom Races
1 Massive Compilation Map
11 Individual Race Maps
Fully Functioning AI
Thousands of Custom Resources
Unique Strategies

UB Race 2.jpg
Join us in making one of the most enjoyable altered
melee compilations ever to exist on Warcraft 3!

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Apr 5, 2011
An altered melee map featuring double-digit amount of custom races? I think I've seen that before somewhere :D
Good job guys, best of luck to you!

Hopefully I too will host on Hive someday, hah

As for feedback, I'll gladly provide some once I get around to playing it. From top of my head I can ask/suggest about a campaign? Shame to see such an abundance of work be confined to a map only! On basis of custom races campaigns with epic story-lines are just begging to be built. (That's what I am (slowly) doing with my own project).