Warcraft Modelling - Fel Orc General doesn't work at all.

Level 1
Aug 18, 2009
Hi. So I've tried to import the files that I've downloaded from this website. And I've followed the attached steps to make it work. It doesn't work at all. When I'm in-game trying out the new model, it doesn't show anything. Not even the peasent that I chose first, its just a "cloud of nothing". So.. I would love if any help could be given, thanks.
Level 11
May 11, 2008
So it works in Editor but not inside the game? Blame the modeller then lol. But just in case

The .MDX file should stay the same after importing it.

ALL .BLP files must have war3mapimported\ removed in there path so the texture will go with the .MDX model.

If it doesn't work post a link to the model you've downloaded, I'll test it myself and if it doesn't work then it's the modeller error.