Warcraft Kingdoms

Level 3
Oct 13, 2020
The idea of the mod is to create a slightly revised skirmish mode with the for a multiplayer game and a game with the computer. More emphasis on development. Each of the four standard races will have developmental options that are very different from each other. For example, the Alliance can focus on development towards the High Elves or Dwarves, or it can be purely for people, each choice will have its own unique buildings, types of troops and technologies. It may be better to make the player choose a sub-faction at the start of the game. Suggested playable fractions - human, dwarves and gnomes, high elves, orcs, fel orcs, trolls, undead, demons, nerubians (something like zergs), sentinels, druids, nagas. I would like to give, within the of ordinary skirmish maps, the opportunity to play for more races and diversify the process.

The mod will include a set of maps for the skirmish mode. But the maps put more emphasis on exploration and a greater variety of neutral buildings, settlements and creatures. Each map will be somewhat unique in tactics, have its own environment, events and its inhabitants.

Mod for classic Warcraft 3 based on converted by me models from WoW, with some changes. I also consider models freely available on the network. I converted a lot of unit models and doodads from the WoW through years, and altered something a little. Everything has long been placed in the archives of the game. Thousands of doodads are displayed on the standard toolbar as standard for my own convenience, and for those who want to work with them in the editor themselves. WoW trees have animations (like standard ones). Sounds are added for all models of units (i.e., if it is a simple wolf from a WoW, then all sounds are registered for him, even if he just stands itching or occasionally howls), traces, blood at death, and so on. There are many such small details.

I plan to use models and user tools from xgm, hive and other sites with the consent of the authors and indicating the authors.

I'm trying to implement both a little bit of realism and a little more fun and spectacular fights in the game, adding all sorts of nice little things.

Everything described below is generally a preliminary version and much, of course, is subject to revision

Effects. Outside side.

* Throwing warriors at a distance with strong attacks of large creatures and not only (animation of flight, falling and lifting). * Implemented it in a handicraft way, but need help from triggers

* Animation of falling when stunning warriors (falling and rising) and just from a strong blow (Stand Hit). * I also tried to partially implement, but triggers are needed. I will do animations.

* Animation when using dodge and parry attacks.

* special animations for critical attacks

* emotions of warriors during battles, sounds of movement and other animations

* special animations when using abilities and spells on warriors, such as tornado, earthquake, force wave, piercing attack, in general, all throwing spells

* Upgrades of weapon, armor and other improvements (for example, training of magicians) is externally displayed on the troops.

* Destructibility of objects on the map (bridges, landslides, constructions and whatever else you can imagine) In general, different ways to mess with the map for other players)


* Freezing. With ice breath, some cold spells. at death one cannot resurrect, revive. There are ways to withdraw

* Petrification. Paralysis. Long term valid. At death, you cannot resurrect, revive. There are ways to withdraw


* Construction of walls and gates on which troops can be deployed.

* Construction of shipyards and ships


* Variability of development. Options for the development of technologies and troops to choose from (choose one - the other becomes unavailable)

* Diplomacy and Reconnoiter. Available as separate researches with multiple levels (e.g. basic, advanced, expert). This is not the cheapest and the fastest research, you have to sacrifice something. Each faction has a different predisposition towards diplomacy and reconnoiter.

* If a player decides to invest and develop diplomacy, then this greatly expands the capabilities of the heroes and an ambassador who can be hired and driven around the map. With an advanced level of diplomacy, you can interact with neutral settlements and camps. For example, the sub-faction of Night Elves (druids) will have the opportunity to develop the taming of animals and creatures to a high level, which will allow them to gain control of neutral creatures. But each faction has different potentials, possible allies, as well as sworn enemies, in which case no diplomacy will help much. It might be worth making certain diplomatic opportunities available without research.

* Reconnoiter makes it possible to train spies, expand their capabilities. Reconnoiter

also reports information about other players in the form of messages on the screen (for example, a player has started or completed research, hired a hero, the number and composition of troops, built a new town hall, etc. Perhaps all points should not be implemented.

So what's so special about these battle maps? Неre are some ideas:

SET OF BASIC RANDOM EVENTS. Create a set of standard events for all maps. On each map there will be a set of points at which monster camps, settlements, buildings and events will be generated. Something will be generated at the start of the game, and something will be generated time to time during the game. This does not mean that all points will be random - Also, leave basic points with events and dwellings that form the uniqueness of each map.

ABOUT EVENTS. Buildings, units, camps, settlements and more. Couple of examples:

1. Groups. A group of creatures is formed. Different types of creatures have their own behavior. Some are neutral and static, while others can move around the map with different intentions. A couple of examples:

* Cobolts. They are greedy for gold, they mine it very well (let's say 20 at a time). They run around in a squad on the map and capture the nearest available mine (without protection or with weak protection) and mine gold for themselves, thereby spending potential resources of the players. You can lure them over to your side with diplomacy.

* A squad of robbers. They run around the map in search of profit. They steal the player's resources during raids.

*Goblins. Can harvest gold. Also can set traps, repair everything, build lumber harvesters. You can lure them over to your side with diplomacy.

2. Camp or settlement. Consists of a building and creatures. Different creatures with different behaviors.

* The camp will be able to slowly replenish and supplement their units and send units around the map. You can capture. When captured player can hire creatures.

* The settlement also builds units for itself. When captured by the player, it brings a small income and gives possibility to train units.

Player can choose to destroy the camp or settlement and lure some resources from it. If you do not contact a camp or settlement for a long time, the number of creatures will accumulate. In general, under the impression of the Heroes of Might and Magic.

3. Destructible objects. Bridges over an abyss or water (when destroyed, troops fall through and die, and the path is cut off; bridges can be repaired, but this is not quick and costs resources). Destructible constructions - by destroying you block the path and you kill those who fall under the collapse. Objects are destroyed only by siege weapons and large creatures (you just can't destroy it at once)

* speaking about the abyss I mean including the use of alpha-texture (transparent texture). For me, it opens up considerable prospects for level design.

4. Places of power. A funnel of energy that can be used by highly trained sorcerers

. Having absorbed the energy of the place of power, you can cast a global spell on the map or summon someone (should probably take inspiration from Disciples)

5. Neutral fortress and outposts. You can capture and hold important points on the map. They will have walls and towers on which you can place troops. Fortresses and outposts will be destructible.

ABOUT DIPLOMACY. All neutral factions will have their own relationship with each other. For example, a camp of monsters with type A creatures does not like type B creatures. It will be possible to remember that certain creatures do not like other creatures. So you destroy camp B or steal a specific item for camp A and you can take control of the creatures from camp A. You can make the conditions more difficult.

My goal is to study the reaction and demand for this mod idea. The idea is very old but after years I returned to it and continued to work on it. So I decided to post the information, if possible, complete the project. I think it is still relevant, since the project offers a strategy for skirmish that is somewhat independent in style and dynamics, and does not stupidly copy the original Warcraft. And you can always transfer to Reforged.

People who are strong in triggers are very required for implementation. I would like to try to work out a number of described mechanics (I already posted some threads, but need the work to be done by skillfull people). Open to discussion and revision of ideas.

P.S. Dont expect too much from the name of the mod) its still a subject of discussion). And maybe in some moments Im using english not so well, that’s because I’m russian :)