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Wintercrest - A Warcraft Short

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Aug 19, 2021
Something to get my mind cleaned for now, story about the bonus map i worked along with the main map project. Enjoy!

Long before the The Spider War took place, the Nerubian forged and crafted a hidden temple in the depth of Icecrown to gave prayers and wishes to the Old Gods for those who remained loyal to them. But when the war broke and killed majority of the Nerubians across the glacier, time buried the depth of the temple underneath it's layer of ice and snow, never to be seen, or so perhaps what the other thought of. During the war against Arthas Menethil, now Lich King, this part of the glacier in particular shakes and shatter from every clash and magic weaved from Frostmourne, and when Arthas is defeated for good, the land shatter apart for good to reveal the ancient temple once more to the surface of Icecrown.

Filled with richness and treasures, the ruin are vastly guarded by beings and creature, along with it's unfriendly enviroment thanks to the now unstable energy force around the temple and it's glacier when it arose again. Danger lies up ahead for those who seek to plunder it's treasures, but those who are proven capable have been said to defeat all that are in their way. Carved in their walls are the forgotten name of the great temple ruins, who are the silent witness of the new Lich King Bolvar to be the Scourge new ruler, Wintercrest.

About Wintercrest:
The ruins itself are shaped in a long, massive horizontal facing hallway filled with ziggurats and Nerubian guardian along with other beast around it's snow covered flooring. To the north of the ruins are a snowy hill with large settlement of Tuskarr and other Icecrown local wildlife on the lower part of the hill. Descending down to the south of the ruins are land damaged the most when the ruins resurfaced, forming valleys and blue flaming ice crack caused by Icecrown unnatural ice shard traits. The adventurer who come to plunder the place shall set foot either on the hilltop or at the lower valley, with both being greatly separated apart from one another.

Phew, that's already enough for a short. Enjoy the story lads! Meanwhile i still need to figure out how map transition damn work for pete sake here- :vw_wtf::vw_unimpressed:
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