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Aug 19, 2021
So, i've been experimenting around with Warcraft editors to make some interesting story like a messed version of Marvel's "What If...?" and here's the result so far! There's a four piece of map and a showcase one i've been working on, hopefully i can get to share it with everyone around!

By the end of a reality string, everything come to a complete conclusion, either they are a good end or bad, neither in between.
But, a single weave of a magic changed everything, a whole new perspective untold by men and are buried deep in the endless
strands of reality. I am Ferutos, a reality traveler who have seen wonder existing beyond reality that we know as of today, and
in this voyage, i will share what i have seen, a visage of where our beloved hero combined their strength in an attempt to defeat
their enemy in a crude contraption of a slowly shattering reality.

As i said before, there are four maps, representing each of the main races Warcraft has to offer. Naga were supposed to be the fifth but i scrapped them off right away from the list since i don't even know how you all just make them playable in a normal map. It's far from perfection, but what i hope is that you all remain entertained and even laughed over some stupid jokes i put here and there, but if it wasn't at least it worth a try! :D

1. City of Selvira
In this reality, when Arthas left the dwarf and his own men behind, instead of them either died or find shelter within Icecrown, they stumbled onto a small city deep within the heart of Northrend, who then share their warmth with Arthas remaining forces. But the happiness does not last long for good. The Burning Legion, now in full alliance to Ner'zhul Scourge, thanks to Arthas still assuring himself and the Lich King that they will serve the Legion purpose to an end, raided the village to it's last flesh. Some of them were turned into horrendous beast beyond returning their sense to humanity, and within the soil of it's now corrupt land, Kel'thuzad, Archimonde and Kil'jaeden planted the seed of the three remaining Old Gods in hope to terraform the land to a suitable Legion bastion or worse, Azeroth's world soul's destruction.

2. Veridith
In this one, instead of settling within the land we soon know as Durotar, Thrall instead led his people to a newly formed river in Kalimdor. They have to go far through it's treacherous wind storm in order to settle in, but Rokhan and his Darkspear Troll told the warchief that the river have it's own magical property of giving live to it's surrounding. Cairne believed that mother earth herself were the one who forged this river a blessing for them, and so they preserved the river to their need. Not even a month after their settlement, Human and Night Elf began to send an expedition team in an attempt to colonize it's river. Trapped between conflict, Thrall must use all of the force and power he can gather in an attempt to drive the intruder away from their new home, Draktor, and save the river from vile hands.

3. Horuth
Instead of only it's capital destruction, Dalaran, The Legion too immediately hunted for the remaining survivor of the attack and wiped them away, fully leading to many of the ruins conquered, and importantly, Pyrewood Village falldown. Arthas, returning with the Frostmourne, resisting it's tempt and saved Muradin along his men after he realized he is in an error way, led the remaining men to a safe haven in Horuth's last standing fortress in southwest of the entire rundown city. Reconciling with Uther, he and the remaining heroes of Lordaeron's alliance must defend the last surviving human force from the grasp of the Legion, and hoped that god will save them from their inevitable destructions.

4. Azrya Riverland
Cenarius, who are late to stop Grom from taking the Blood Curse, led the remaining Night Elves to his own safe haven, a large body of water coursing through it's dense forest, in hope the now Fel Orc will not find them deep in this part of the wood north from where Nordrassil stood. Feeling relieve for a moment, Illidan came under Maiev's watch to inform that the woodland part to the south have been cut down by Human and Orc settler. It suprised the wild god, as for century no mortal could ever found Azrya thanks to the protective barrier Cenarius conjured. Whoever is meddling with his force, it must be stopped and along with it, destroys the intruder down.

That's all the draft i hold as of now, i am open for suggestion and such or maybe any questions, i will gladly answer! Do note these are completely fictive and have no correlation whatsoever with any of Blizzard's Warcraft medias, just pointing out to make sure.

Update - main characters!
And following this, i finally got to establish a proper main cast! Took me long enough to get a hold on the book before it got burned by Ragnaros flames. Anyway, here they are as a part of this thread updated content, so enjoy!

1. Ferutos the Lich King
Ferutos came from a reality where Ner'zhul successfully escaped Kil'jaeden grasp from becoming the Lich King, so instead in this reality, the Eredar forged one themself. The Helm of Domination are crafted from the flesh, blood, and souls of thousand, even billion of the Legion's dead force all across the stars. But in order to make their plan worked, they require a strong willed being capable of wielding the Helmet. They have attempted to encrown their own kind but the result either goes into them losing their mind or their head completely. Frustrated, Archimonde casted the Helm to the depth of Icecrown, and Ferutos, a courageous adventurer were tricked to go where the Helmet is. Kil'jaeden, who see a gap of chance at this moment, commune to the young bold adventurer through the Helm, and are immediatelly forced to wore the Helm by the souls trapped in it. Transformed and deformed, Ferutos attempted to kept himself together from falling down to insanity, and take hold of his sword, that now became his reality Frostmourne. The blade projected a strong power and from a swing of it, Ferutos were thrown into another side of his reality, being trapped within the Boundary of Reality where all different reality made by different choices are present, now chosen as it's eternal guardian until the day the last soul of the Helm and his own are taken away.

2. Brirgomuth, the Sorcerer Annihilan
All Annihilan, as we all know, are brute force killing machine of the Burning Legion, but in this trail, one are born with what the Annihilan could consider a 'deformity'. Brirgomuth, a young Annihilan that are born with a rather chubby and fat exterior, unlike the other of his own kind. This led him to be swayed aside by his own kind, except for Mannoroth who decided to take care of the Annihilan. When he is old enough, Brirgomuth began to show interest toward magic and sorcery, mostly Eredar's sorcery. Seeing the young Annihilan spirit to find his fitting role for the Burning Legion, Kil'jaeden take Brirgomuth under his personal teaching of their powerful Fel magic. For hundred of years, Brirgomuth went through harsh, painful, and one could consider suicidal phases of training. His skin is all brandished in scars but his mind is that of now an Eredar, cunning, brilliant, and magical. Now finished with his training, Archimonde and Kil'jaeden gave him their insignia in hope it will always protect the young Annihilan and a name for him to cherish forever, Kal'arakthu. Now are titled as the one and only Annihilan Sorcerer, he traveled through the vast world to seek more knowledge of sorcery and even artifacts to be collected and crafted for his collection.

3. Shavirath Stormfeather the Estranged Night Elf
Many of the Night Elf are blessed with Elune's light of blessing, but Shavirath were different. He wielded a power himself, which are not from Elune's blessing. By the time he reached teen age, Shavirath grows distant from his own people, isolating himself away since he felt different than the other, fearing he will be nothing but a curse for his people. Those judge of his own clouded his mind, but his talent pull interest of the archdruid Malfurion Stormrage and the moon priestess Tyrande Whisperwind. When the two confront him inside of his hut, they stopped his attempt of taking his own life away with a dagger, and assured him that he is no curse, but are instead a gift of Elune to the Night Elf. Rethinking about his choices, Shavirath agreed to follow the two into the secret glades of Azrya Riverland where Cenarius and all of the remaining wildlife take refugee after the battle at Mount Hyjal take place. Shavirath were then taught by the tree in art of craftsmanship and druid magics. Donning the robe mantle Demithrilius and the staff Jormungandr, Shvirath travel across the realm from Azrya to spread wisdom and teaching the way of the nature, just like Malfurion before him.

4. Anduin Wrynn Prince of Stormwind
In this reality, Anduin's father, Varian Wrynn, were never been captured and ruled Stormwind until his very last breath. As the crown prince of Stormwind, Anduin were in anxiety to take up the responsibility in ruling not only Stormwind, but too the entire force of Alliance at his command. Baine, who are already a close friend of Anduin, pay him a visit to congratulate the young king by person but seeing his rather sorrowful look, Baine comforted him, that it is indeed stressful when it come to take control of a vast empire such as this, but even kings required a way to sway aside the stress, even when it's still their first day. Heeding the advice of Baine, Anduin decided to hand the throne to the now old Arthas after his victory against the Scourge in Horuth, and traveled with Baine to throughout the wonder of Kalimdor, until that faithful day when the barrier that kept their reality stable shatter and took the two away, to a distant realm unknown by anyone...

5. Baine Bloodhoof Mighty Tauren of Bloodhoofs
Now that his reality have established a new home for the Horde by the river of Veridith, Draktor, Thrall and the other Horde heroes must remain in the settlement to further expand it into a large village fitting for the entire Horde. Baine, now instead a wise warrior of the Tauren of Mulgore, is the most strongest out of the other warrior in his ranks even in his young age. Baine always wondered how the outside world looked like, and Cairne, hearing his son wish, wanted to fulfill the young warrior dream. With a little help of Grom and Gazlowe, the two sent Baine on a zeppelin to Stormwind in hope it will be enough to answer his curiosity. When the guards of Stormwind is about to shoot the zeppelin down, Anduin was the one who saved it from destruction, welcoming the Tauren since Anduin know Baine's heart is pure with no evil intention behind it. The two exchanged laughter and cheers during his stay in Stormwind, and ever since then, Baine will travel to Stormwind to see Anduin, until the day when Anduin is said to gone missing, pushing Baine in an attempt to find him. The search last short, when a vortex suddenly pulled Baine into it the same way Anduin is, dissapearing out of sight for now...

These four young of their respective clan are dragged to the Boundary by Ferutos, due to their reality future are already assured of that of good ending, but not with the other corrupted trails of reality. Ferutos alone could not stop these amalgamation from changing the tides of the already written story for each reality, and therefore he summoned the four aspiring warrior in hope to find the source of the tainting corruption. Along the way, they began to learn that together, as an ally and the representation of their forces, they can and will achieve the impossible, a reality where all stand as one united against the evil of the world that are hiding in the dark.
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