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Alternate Lore Storyline !

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Jan 8, 2008
Note: This storyline is being designed for an upcoming campaign, please give all your feedback on anything that you think should be changed, added or removed. Thankyou!

The First War

The First War beings.

The Horde is humiliated by the unexpected rout, and the clans swiftly descend into turmoil. Chaos ensues, with factions blaming each other for the orcs' defeat.

Gul’dan manipulates a ruthless dictator onto the throne of the Warchief. Known as Blackhand the Destroyer, the new Warchief rallies the clans back together again and prepares them for a new assault on Azeroth. The orcs begin raiding activities against outlying human settlements near the Black Morass.

Medivh sends Gul'dan another vision, teasing him with images of the Tomb of Sargeras and the power it contains.

The orcs bring reinforcements surging into Azeroth, decimating towns and villages and plundering everything in their path. The towns of Grand Hamlet and Sunnyglade are destroyed.

Gul’dan, searches the mind of Medivh but is interrupted by a messenger of Blackhand, requesting Gul’dan’s presence immediately.

Lord Anduin Lothar realizes Medivh's betrayal. He leads a small band of warriors to Medivh’s tower and confronts the wizard. Lothar and Khadgar slay Medivh, but Sargeras' spirit escapes.

Blackhand the Destroyer informs Gul’dan of a plot that Orgrim has hatched to overthrow the horde. Gul’dan sends agents to capture Orgrim, but he escapes.

Northshire, Goldshire, and Moonbrook are destroyed by the horde.
While the huge invading force of orcs marches on Stormwind, Orgrim leads a rebellion and manages to capture Blackhand, who then tells Orgrim everything about Gul’dan’s plans. The Blackrock clan return under the command of a Doomhammer after Orgrim shows proof of Blackhand’s betrayal. Without the support of the Blackrock clan, the assault on Stormwind is doomed and the orcs retreat from Elwynn Forest.

Garonna is revealed to be an assassin sent by Gul’dan to kill Llane, however she escapes before she can be captured.

Durotan returns south with his clan after Doomhammer summons him, revealing all of Gul’dan’s plots, freshly extracted from Blackhand. The two clans take control of Blackrock Spire and Redridge Mountains.
Spies loyal to Orgrim Doomhammer manage to capture and torture Garona. In agony, she reveals the existence of the Shadow Council secret headquarters, Northshire Ruins.

Doomhammer and his elite wolfriders attempt to assault Northshire, but the Stormwind remnants manage to force them back.
Lord Anduin Lothar takes command of what is left of the soldiers, and retakes Elywnn Forest. Gul’dan and his council are forced to retreat, and return to Draenor, in defeat. The Twilight’s Hammer Clan and Bleeding Hollow Clan fight amongst each other for control over the remaining orcish lands, the horde is undone.

Lothar directly assaults Westwood (current day Westfall) and easily dispatches the weakened orc garrison. Doomhammer pushes south and takes control over the ruins of Grand Hamlet and Sunnyglade.
Lothar and Doomhammer engage head to head, but the two clans are no match for the Stormwind host, and retreat back to Redridge, leaving Lothar victorious.

The Twilight’s Hammer Clan and Bleeding Hollow Clan agree to a truce and amassed the pitiful remains of their army in Black Morass. The Stormwind forces go north, led by Llane, Lothar and Khadgar, in an attempt to destroy Blackrock Spire. The orcs stand no chance and Doomhammer is brought back to Stormwind in chains, as his great citadel lies in ruins.

The remaining orcs manage to escape south and warn the Twilight’s Hammer Clan and Bleeding Hollow Clan of Doomhammer’s defeat, both clans degree that Azeroth is lost, and retreat into the Dark Portal, ready to await humiliation of the disastrous defeat on Azeroth.

The First War is ended with victory for Azeroth and the utter defeat and end of the Orcish Horde.

The humans being to search for the exact location of where the Orcish hordes entered into this world, and divining a way to end the threat of another invasion forever.
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