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Warcraft III Sea Witch Soundset

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As an episodic character, the Sea Witch has a very limited range of dialogues in a campaign, but it was enough to create somewhat akin to soundset for custom naga hero (at least I hope so). Enjoy!

Sea Witch Pissed 1 (Sound)

Sea Witch Pissed 2 (Sound)

Sea Witch Ready (Sound)

Sea Witch Warcry (Sound)

Sea Witch What 1 (Sound)

Sea Witch What 2 (Sound)

Sea Witch What 3 (Sound)

Sea Witch What 4 (Sound)

Sea Witch Yes 1 (Sound)

Sea Witch Yes 2 (Sound)

Sea Witch Yes 3 (Sound)

Sea Witch YesAttack 1 (Sound)

Sea Witch YesAttack 2 (Sound)

Sea Witch YesAttack 3 (Sound)

Sea Witch YesAttack 4 (Sound)

Sea Witch YesAttack 5 (Sound)

Level 21
May 29, 2013
Cool; I did the exact same thing years ago, but nothing came out of it because I realized that most of the chopped-up sounds were kinda too long compared to sounds in standard WC3 soundsets.

Fun fact: the Sea Witch from the Orc demo campaign is voiced by Elisa Gabrielli, who is also the voice of Tyrande Whisperwind. I'm fairly certain the undead female shopkeeper NPC in WoW is also her; the villainous tone is really similar to the Sea Witch and this got me thinking that maybe the WoW sounds could be used to expand this soundset, but only if there was a way to add the ghostly echo to them, so the difference wouldn't be too jarring.🤔

In most parts of the world Wowhead can only be accessed by using a VPN, so in case anyone doesn't use it but wants to hear the WoW NPC sounds, I attached them below.


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