Warcraft III Reforged - MDX format

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May 29, 2010
You guys look like PRO in what your've doing. This might be off-topic, but perhaps someone could help me with something?

I'm trying to figure out how to export a Doodad asset as a background free .GIF or .WEMB animation?
The doodad asset in question is the [ZZcd] Dust (from Dungeon / Cinematic). However, my knowledge for Warcraft 3 modding or available tools is extremely limited, and English is not my native language.

Does anyone know how to export this particular asset and convert the animation to .GIF (in Isometric view)? Is this even possible?

I downloaded CASCviewer, but I'm not sure if that helps me. I was able to locate what I think might be the asset in question, but alas, I don't know how to proceed from there.

I also downloaded mdx-m3-viewer-master, but I can't even figure out how to run the program. Very confusing :(

...Thank you for any help anyone is able to provide...
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Apr 28, 2020
Hey guys, anyone here manage to import mdx with the latest version of Taylor's Script and the latest version of Reforged. I got error here using 3ds Max 2017.


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Could you please next time make instructions for installation of your scripts more clear? I've wasted 3 hours on downloading your files from github and blog, copypasting in to startup to scripts to plugins, and it still throws error on 3dmax 2017 launch and import script doesn't work.

D__3Dmax2017_3ds Max 2017_scripts_Startup_GriffonS2.png

MAXScript Auto-load Script Error - D__3Dmax2017_3d.png
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Sep 9, 2015
when i've tried to import (and i'm pretty sure i've done everything right) i got this error and the model won't open

i guess it got something to do with the mdx version or something like that but i have no idea what to do about it
I have same error, do you know how to fix it?
Warcraft III newest PTR Data, 3ds Max 2020, GriffonStudios_Warcraft_3_Reforged_v1.0
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Oct 25, 2020
Hey guys, I don't usually hang out here, only on discord, let me check if I can still use my script to import the models in Max 2020, I'll try to do this in the next couple of days.
Hey, bro, help me pls...
I need to convert mdx into Obj
How to do it?


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Nov 30, 2020
I know this is an old thread, but has anyone successfully extracted the reforged animations using @Taylor_Mouse 's script? I tried 3ds max 2018 and 2020 (don't have access to 2016). There are multiple scripts in different links I've found, and I was only able to get one of them to kinda work in 3ds max 2020. It imports the model and bones, and one idle animation, but it doesn't bring in the other animations or even have the scripts animation properties window like it shows in his blog. The other versions of the script I tried gave me a version error when I tried importing. Just wondering if anyone has a confirmed version of the script that works with 2018 and 2020.
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Nov 30, 2020
any updates?
I just saw that a new version of his 3ds max tools was posted on sc2 mapster. I tried on it a couple of different versions of max. a bunch of error messages pop up. The model imports, but I seem to only be getting one idle animation, and I don't see any other animations in his animation properties window.


Message when importing: imgur.com
my animation properties screen: imgur.com

EDIT: turns out all of the animation frames are there; they are just all in one one single animation. I just had to extend my time slider beyond 100 frames. Still not sure how to get the animation properties window to list out the individual animations


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Loads of bugfixes, so the importer should work :D

Currently working on a exporting as well.

You can find the exporter on my github page, I update it almost daily when progressing, so any problems with it at the moment, I'm not responsible for them. And you need to alter the script to be able to export
Any feedback is welcome of course, just figuring out the basics.

Here is an example of the custom animated cube in reforged:



| 0.10 - Scale, position and rotation seem to animate, however wrong weird initial rotation, needs to be fixed
| 0.09 - Linetype was wrong, fixed that, now it animates in the world editor :D
| 0.08 - Animation seqs problems, they require ( always ) to have a number at the end of the name
| 0.07 - Completely redid the GEOS block issues with mesh vertices and texture vertices
| 0.06 - Writing bones and its animations
| 0.05 - Getting the bones and the KGTR, KGRT and KGSC animations
| 0.04 - Writing out the GEOS with LOD's
| 0.03 - Getting the GEOS data
| 0.01 - Main setup

My MDX Model format description, I use this to write the exporter ( it is updated when I progress with the exporter itself )
Research MDX Format

After about 500 export tests and matrix and quaternian verifications, I finally got this 'complex' model correctly exported
First I imported it from Reforged and exported it as is... looks identicall
So time to do some addtional and more complex export tests

Very happy with this already :D

keep you posted
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Nov 30, 2020
"applied" no, there is, at my knowledge been no reverse engineering on the facefx file

I import it as a reference to the file itself atm

Gotcha. That's what i figured. I guess i'll have to animate their faces manually if I want to sync lips to the dialogue in the movies i'm making.