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Warcraft: Dawn of Destruction

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Level 9
Jul 11, 2006
Warcraft: Dawn of Destruction is a single player campaign which I have been working on for the last few months. Now I finally finished to write all the cinematics, dialogs, quests and to plan all the units, heroes, abilities. Now when the campaign is ready on the paper, it's time to start constructing it.

Note: The project is not connected to World of Warcraft and its expansions. I used few ideas from the Burning crusade and from World of Warcraft but only for lore matters. I finished writing the story before the announcement of "Wrath of the lich king"

Few details about the campaign:

Warcraft: Dawn of Destruction is made up from five acts which I divided into 3 parts.
First part: First and Second Acts
Second part: Third and Forth Acts
Third part: Fifth Act

Each act is made from 8-11 playable chapters and 3-5 cinematics.

Each part has its main plot and story but all of them are connected.

In the First and Second parts there are different main characters and in the Third part all the main characters from the second and first parts are involved.

I will not get into details but here is the list of the main and secondary (playable) characters in the three parts.

First part:
Main characters:
Rhonin (act 1+2)
Arator Windrunner (act 1+2)

Secondary characters:
D'orcules (act 1)
Akama (act 2)
Kolevi Havenwood (act 2)

Second Part:
Main characters:
Tirion Fordring (act 3+4)
Nathanos Blightcaller (act 3+4)

Secondary characters:
Taelan Fordring (act 3)
Durthis Boneshod (act 3: not hero character, act 4: becomes hero)

Third part:
Main characters:
Arator Windrunner
Tirion Fordring
Nathanos Blightcaller

Secondary characters:

I will not give any names, since it will reveal parts of the story.

The story takes place 7 years after the Battle of Mount Hyjal (33 years after the first war).

Many thanks to the guys from Wc3c and the Hive for their wonderful resources. Of course, full credit will be given to all artists.
There are still few models that I need. I currently learning how to model so I will make few of them myself.

The story takes place in 2 locations:
First part: Outland
Second and third parts: Azeroth.

People who working on the project: me, but most of the models and skins are made by artists from the hive and wc3c.

Coming soon:
Trailer, Introduction that will explain the events of the passed 7 years.
Level 9
Jul 11, 2006
Update: Rhonin concept art is finally ready, so I can start working on his model. Going to take a while though.
As you can see he doesn't have his ponytail any more. That because I don't think a guy should have a ponytail so I requested the artist to remove it. The eyes and the beard in the side view look strange, I know, but it doesn't really matter, I am happy overall. They maybe don't look so good because of the scan, but the originals look much better and they are both in the same size. You can except for more concept art coming soon, since there are still many models I need that I can't find in the resources section.
All the credit goes to Palm.


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