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Warcraft 3 Lua Package Manager (WLPM) 0.7-beta

Submitted by ScorpioT1000
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
GitHub Source URL

A modern solution for Warcraft 3 map development!

Brings package management and es6-like Lua modules to your map project.


WLPM consists of a Package Manager and a Module Manager with it's own Lua part of code.

We introduce a new way of working with dependencies - WLPM Module Manager

Package Manager Features

- Works with maps in a map-as-directory mode
- Own package config format in JSON
- Install packages with dependencies from Github and Bitbucket
- Install Lua files directly from Github, Bitbucket or custom hosts in config
- File and directory watcher (war3map.lua, sources, config)
- Dependency version resolution

Module Manager Features

- Include custom user directories as advanced sources
- Right dependency order in the target file
- ES6-like imports and exports in the Lua script
- Really fast target builder on-the-go (C# watcher)


WLPM for Windows 10 x64

WLPM for any Windows (legacy)

WLPM for macOS (planned, waiting for Warcraft 3 fixes)

Quick Start

1. Install WLPM
2. Save your map as a directory (Save as... menu item)
3. Open any terminal window (press Win+R and enter "cmd")
4. enter cd <your map directory>
5. then enter wlpm - it shows all applicable commands

To initialize your package enter wlpm update. It will create wlpm-package.json and .wlpm directory with the dependencies. If you use git (mercurial/svn/...) add .wlpm to your ignore file (.gitignore).

To add new dependency enter wlpm install <package> <version>


Code (Text):

wlpm install https://github.com/Indaxia/wlpm-wc3-demo-hello-user
We don't recommend to use "any" version in public projects. Some scammers or stolen accs may update the code and make it malicious.

Specific version example (retrieve from git tag):

Code (Text):

wlpm install https://github.com/Indaxia/wlpm-wc3-demo-hello-user 1.1

Use wlpm watch to let watcher notify PM and MM if something changed and perform download new packages and/or rebuild modules.

To get help about module management refer the MM documents.

Advanced Usage

Including files

You can include files directly (Big Integer in the example):

Code (Text):

wlpm install https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DeBos99/lua-bigint/master/bigint.lua * file

Disabling Module Manager (MM) script

If you don't want to use MM on the client (Lua) side you can disable it by adding a new option to your wlpm-package.json:

"insertModuleLoader": false

With this option MM just includes code of the dependencies without the MM

Executing a command after building

It's possible execute a terminal command when the building process finishes:

Code (Text):

"afterBuild": "echo \"hello world\""
It works for root projects only.

Publishing Packages

If you want to publish your package folow these steps:
1. Create a git repository at Github or Bitbucket
2. Create wlpm-package.json in the repository root
3. Add the "dependencies" and "sources" parameters. Refer the full config example below.
4. (optional) add git tag to the repository
5. Now this is a WLPM package!

Full config example (wlpm-package.json)

Code (Text):

    "title": "WLPM - Demo Map Package", // (optional) your package or root project title
    "author": "ScorpioT1000 / scorpiot1000@yandex.ru", // (optional) author information
    "license": "MIT", // (optional) source code license
    "dependencies": { // list of packages and files required by your source code
        // github repository from a master branch
        "https://github.com/123/456": "*",
        // github repository from the release tagged as "1.1.1"
        "https://github.com/123/456": "1.1.1",
        // bitbucket repository from the release tagged as "1.0.0" in an object format
        "https://bitbucket.org/123/789": { "type": "package", "version": "1.0.0" },
        // inserts a file directly from the repository
        "https://github.com/123/456/blob/master/somefile.lua": {
            "type": "file",
            "topOrder": true  // omit this option or set to false to insert the file after repositories' sources
    // (optional for root project) where your sources are stored. It's important for the package, but can be omitted for root project (it watches "target")
    "sources": [
    // (optional) where to store compiled lua build. It works for root project only.
    "target": "war3map.lua",
    // (optional) execute this command after build, e.g. "echo \"Hello!\""
    "afterBuild": "",
    // (optional) set this to false if you want to replace built-in module manager by your own
    "insertModuleLoader": true,
    // (optional) allow more hosts for direct file dependency (allows github.com and bitbucket.org by default). It works for root project only.
    "allowHosts": []
    // (optional) set custom file extensions when building "sources"
    "sourceExtensions": "*.lua"


1. It doesn't support partial version placeholders like 1.* because it doesn't use package registry
2. It performs full re-download on any config requirement change (planned to fix in the future)
3. No VSCode integration yet, but it's planned

For C# developers

You are free to fork and build your own modifications! My requirement is that any "author" fields in C# code are allowed to be supplemented only(!).

How to build

Code (Text):

dotnet publish -c Release --self-contained --runtime win10-x64 /property:Version=YOUR_VERSION
dotnet publish -c Release --self-contained --runtime win-x86 /property:Version=YOUR_VERSION
ScorpioT1000 © 2019

WLPM 0.7-beta (Binary)

  1. Toadcop


    Jun 28, 2005
    vodka approves UuU
  2. ScorpioT1000


    Jun 26, 2013
    Updated to 0.6.1-beta
    Fixed local source files inclusion
  3. Chaosy


    Jun 9, 2011
    Seems a lot like NPM. That being said, wlpm is a pain to write.
    I do not like writing version number either, I'd leave that as optional and get the latest by default.
  4. yxq1122


    Jun 5, 2018
    Seems significant and promising for Lua users since Lua is now an officially integrated language for wc3.
    Continue your nice work!
  5. ScorpioT1000


    Jun 26, 2013
    Updated to 0.7-beta
    - Command execution support (afterBuild)
    - Install function performance improved; start from scratch and file installation fixes