War3 Cache Converter 1.0

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The War3 Cache Converter lets you extract game caches from Campaigns.w3v and from savegames and export it to SLK sheets. Those can be edited in Excel, Open Office or SYLK Pad.
Then it lets you convert the SLK table back to a Campaigns.w3v file to put it back in game.

This requires the .NET framework 2.0, which you can download here. It's a command line tool.
Type CacheConv register to register the .w3v and .w3z file extensions to the tool and CacheConv unregister to unregister them. When registered it will auto-convert those files to SLK when double clicking them.

Otherwise just drag and drop a .w3v or .w3z file onto the tool to convert it to slk. Or drag and drop an slk file onto the exe to get your changes back into Campaigns.w3v.
Or type "CacheConv inputfile" in the command prompt (without quotes).

Possible Use Cases:

  • Custom Ladder Systems: I don't know if the Save Game trigger actually works, but if it does, you could create bnet maps that automatically save a savegame that contains game cache data when a game is over. A tool running in the background could monitor the file system and wait for the creation of this savegame, then use CacheConv to extract desired information and finally automatically report the results to a webserver.
  • Gamecache Maintainance: If you ever hit the 256 game cache limit you will be thankful to be able to simply remove some of the game caches manually with this tool. Also whenever you're not sure if there are the correct values in the game cache you can now easily check it out.
  • Debugging: You can write all sorts of debug information to gamecache and later analyze it in Excel. I've added 2 special tags for that purpose: Integers with labels that start with # will be displayed as ids (eg AHbz, hpea ...) instead of numbers. Values in a category that starts with < or > will be sorted ascending/descending by their labels. This can be useful for logging actions to the gamecache and to get the output in the correct order.
    Especially for AI file development a log can be really useful.
    Excel macros can then be used to evaluate the gatherd information.
  • Injecting Data into the Game: Might be useful for singleplayer campaigns, to precompile certain tables (for example with an Excel macro) and put it in-game with a custom Campaigns.w3v file.

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War3 Cache Converter 1.0 (Binary)

16:47, 12th Aug 2008 Hakeem: It works as described.