War of the Spider - Looking fo team members

Level 3
May 1, 2005
Anyone who has played the campaign knows of the Nerubians. I am not sure if anyone has made a map about this but my ideas are sure to be different. This map is pretty much going to be an AoS type map.

I am looking for one or two team members to give me some help, mainly with triggers and skins. I will be doing some skins but I could really use some help. I can trigger most things but the workload is pretty big. I will be doing the terrain, I am a very experenced terrainer, my latest work was for Dota Allstars (the felwood terrain was made by me). I have also helped in many campaigns and stuff like that.


Classic AoS style: Two teams.
Lanes: 4, with quite a few secrets such as underground tunnels.
Focus: I am focusing on origional heros, fast game play, nice looking terrain and various levels of difficulty.
Teams: Undead vs Nerubians (you know the spider people ^^)

I am planning on having several objectives, that will cause a chain reaction of events, such as: The nerubians will have a network of caves that they can move through. At the entrance and exit of each cave there will be a targetable destructible, that destroys the caves, disabling use. Once a certain ammount of caves are destroyed the nerubian brood nest will be revealed, allowing the undead to slay the egg layers, decreasing the ammount of spawns for the nerubians. There will be several of these objectives, but I won't reveal them all.

Heros: I haven't really thought about heros that much, I generally make them on impulse.

Team members:
I really need some ability and system triggers,so if anyone feels up to the challange I would be very happy :lol:
I don't really need a modeler but if any Geoseters or modelers want to help out I would accept them with love :p
I am also in need of another skinner, I have done some work myself but need a hand (mostly spider skins but a few undead)
Level 9
Aug 28, 2005
I'm making nerubian maps too.But I'm making campaign not
aos.I know nothing about skinning and modeling :( .
I know very few about trigers so i can't help you :( .
Just i'm not good enough for your project.

And i have a lot of work with my campaign(Revival of the