War of Shadows

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Defeat the Enemy General

For the Alliance, stands General Thornebird, a veteran paladin and high-commander of the armies of Ambria and Moondeep. Against him is Azeron, the archdemon co-founder of the Knights of the Ebon Bloom. To achieve victory, each side must defeat the enemy General.
Generals are tough and powerful but they are not invulnerable. You will be instantly teleported to your general's side if he falls below 50% health. Defend them at all costs.

Equipment Restrictions

In general, a hero may only use items that match his or her model: 1 Suit of Armor, 1 Helmet, 1 weapon in each hand (gloves for empty hands) and 1 set of boots.


There are 7 sub-bases located throughout the Bogs. Each side begins controlling 3, with a 7th located in the middle, under the control of the evil Fane. Sub-bases spawn units, and may be taken and retaken. Taking control of a subbase grants considerable experience.

Forging Items

Buy basic equipment from the Armsmaster located near your altar. Enchant your equipment with gems from the Enchanter. To enchant items, use the gem on the item. Equipment may be enchanted up to level 4 by combinging with the same artifact again.

Gameplay Changes

The following is a list of changes made to Warcraft's engine:
1. AGI does not add to armor
2. AGI instead grants a hero Evasion. Some heroes have skills that increase their AGI for purposes of calculating their Evasion.
3. Many negative buffs and DOT effects are mitigated against heroes by a small amount.


#s will be displayed above your hero's head in your color.
-ec Check your hero's Evasion.
-ms Check your hero's movement speed.
-assist Toggle teleporting to general if he needs help
Host Only
-ap all pick
-unitinfo show custom values
-killbase # kill base
-cash gives 3000 gold
-move # move player #'s hero back to altars
-live # revive player #'s hero

War of Shadows

War of Shadows (Map)

Level 7
Aug 20, 2008
wow good idea bout killing the general..ive been waiting for a game like this killing a boss is really fun.. im gonnna play this..not an aos?