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  • Both of you shall refrain from arguing please, or I will not be very happy at the end of the day.

    Thank you.
    You obviously need to improve your english if you cannot understand this simple meaning.

    I said this is a simple concept that any retard could follow, but I did not said it is you.

    Did you assume yourself as a retard by that statement of yours ?
    Be nice to a person and the person would be kind to you, the same goes to being mean.

    Do not like people to be mean to you ? Then don't be mean to other.

    That is a simple concept that any retard could follow as well.
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    (Post) Being a retarded child by going to somebody else visitor message to flame is extremely lame. -Neg Rep (Random Post)
    OKay, Some guys were messing with this one guy with a really bad map, I told the guy with the bad map I'd help him out and give him credit. It's a Monster Hunter map, If you play monster hunter, you'll love this. I'm gonna give the guy credit, since it was his idea to make a monster hunter map. I really think i can do better though, by adding a few heros, all without weapons and armor, making armor and weapons and selling them in a shop, and then I can really fix this map up. It'll be good. Just you wait. I'll post up when It's finished.
    FINALLY! MAP #2!!! It's a loap, and my first loap. (wow, I have alot of firsts) if anyone can hook my up with a superman, spiderman or any superhero model except The Hulk, Please Email Me at [email protected] I need these for an upcoming Map. Planning to do a sort of city of heros deal.
    well, thanks in advance.:spell_breaker:
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