War of Minas Tirith 2.3b

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One of my oldest projects; a simulation of LotR: Minas Tirith battle.

7 Free People players Vs. 5 Force's of Sauron players.

-Small cap for each player, you don't have masses of units, each unit is important in this map.
-Each unique units for three factions: Humans, Orcs and Haradrim. Each with it's own features, each unit have a counter unit-type with serious damage bonus. There are no incredibly powerful units.
-"Right-click to open" gate system.
-A Siege Tower system.
-A LotR music.
-Fair heroes (not owerpowered) from the movie.
-Arrival of Aragorn and Theoden.

There are more features that you'll see when you play. Probably I won't continue this project unless I have time.

Note: Version 2.3 contains lots of major updates, memory leaks and major bug fixes.

lotr, lord of the rings, minas tirith, castle, defense, lordoftherings

War of Minas Tirith 2.3b (Map)

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12:38, 26th Aug 2008

Level 14
Oct 27, 2007
It's a good map. Everything seems to be fine. It seems as though proper credit is given to everyone who made models and such.

I don't think the terrain is an issue, actually. These types of maps don't need complex terrains. And Minas Tirith looks fine.

EDIT: Also I like the multi-shot ability that the towers have. I've never seen that before in these kinds of maps.

Balancing is always going to be an issue, but it looks good from here, but then again I always play orcs.
Level 29
May 3, 2008
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However, the terrain lack of the feeling of being a desert as it lack certain destructible such as rock and cactus.

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Level 6
Apr 17, 2008
It makes very much fun to play the map. Cool custom models and nice triggers.
One of my favourite maps.

Could be the best WC 3 Minas Tirith map.

But the bad point is that the map is very unbalanced. You can´t win if you play on the evil side.

Trolls die to fast;

ladders aren´t working very well -> If you select units send them to the ladders they don´t climb up :(

Evil side needs much more gold at the start to rush Osgiliath.

I mean some unit upgrade descriptions are mixed up.

All in all cool map.
Level 20
Jul 27, 2008
-I can't destroy White tower.And i did destroy 2 deffence towers near it.
-Why Gothmog has ability to turn in to Balrog?Balrog is creature of fire and Gothmog is an orc.
-Where did you find the name of the which king "El Murazor".
-All archers are week.
-Why there is not single tree in whole map.Minas Tirit is not in desert.
-You could use Trebuchet model on Hive for your trebuchets.
Level 7
Feb 18, 2008
I didn't altered the gameplay since 2006, this latest version only includes a few custom models, new loading screen/map preview image and terrain changes.
If I have lots of free time, I will work on it. Triggers are amauterish, since they were made years ago.
Still, thanks for your comments.
Level 14
Apr 15, 2007
Minas Tirith doesn't need to be a half circle Warhunter. I think its more accurate that way anyway. I don't know though anyway I will play and give feedback.
Level 2
Sep 14, 2008
this map is the best minas tirith map out there IMO but i think orcs should start with more gold OR their units should cost less >.> and i agree minas tirith shouldnt be in desert :0
Level 7
Jul 18, 2008
Imo the balancing needs editing. What I feel is most unreasonable is the free people victory trigger killing the witch king. All evil need do is leave him at the bottom of the map and they can be safe from defeat. I like the concept though. 3/5
Level 2
Jun 23, 2009
the castle is very bad made it shall be much more higher and more archers. like in helms deep that is a nice castle terrain, make it higher and more archers that will be nice.
Level 4
Aug 16, 2008
-I can't destroy White tower.And i did destroy 2 deffence towers near it.
-Why Gothmog has ability to turn in to Balrog?Balrog is creature of fire and Gothmog is an orc.
-Where did you find the name of the which king "El Murazor".
-All archers are week.
-Why there is not single tree in whole map.Minas Tirit is not in desert.
-You could use Trebuchet model on Hive for your trebuchets.

Uh...I would assume you are not a huge The Lord of the Rings fan as I am because Gothmog was originally a Balrog of Morgoth, and Peter Jackson (Director of The Lord of the Rings) wanted to use that name for an Orc Lieutenant. I believe this person whom made this map got mixed up between the two. If you have not, go read The Lord of the Rings Books. (Most people are idiots and do not know that The Lord of the Rings was originally a Book Trilogy.)
Level 2
Aug 9, 2010
tis map is not so balance, the human had to many unit at start, and the orcs oni have 25 food limit , too less.....
make the spawning time of orc unit faster, and give more resources for orc cuz evil shud be proer at start of the game.ALSO,INCREASE THE FOOD LIMIT TO AT LETAS 50 for orc
Level 1
Dec 22, 2010
If u are on the evil side..its very hard to win cause of the food limit.. at least increase the food limit or make the units slightly stronger