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Model of wall torch. I know, that its very very simple, but the model is quite useful. Уou can put it to any vertical surface.

Torch Wall Light Fire

WallTorch (Model)

12:58, 28th Oct 2015 Misha: neat
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Very simple, indeed, but a neat detail for the map terrain!
PageUp the basic torch, and attach it to things with whatever you choose, shrinking down a doodad made of metal, stone, or wood to act as the piece attaching it to the wall.

But not everyone wants to do that, so this will be useful to people for whom the 8MB map size limit isn't an immediate issue.
Also, this submission looks a little bit better.

I think it's useful. Not all models have to be ultra complex imho. ;)
I'm actually amazed that we didn't have this before.
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