Vulcanologist Kael (Reforged)

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Someone wanted a fun Kael skin so here you go. To change the effect of the spheres around him adjust the spell called spheres and choose a new effect. (Thanks to Nagax for reminding me)
Suggested Effect Replacements: Sorceress Missile, Phoenix Missile, Searing Arrow.

Cape (Texture)

Glows (Texture)

Hair (Texture)

Main (Texture)

Shoulders (Texture)

Level 5
Aug 2, 2012
''Someone wanted a fun Kael skin so here you go. I may update this skin however. I am trying to figure out how to make the green fireballs around him be normal fire color, if anyone knows how to do that please message me.''

You need to do a spell for that, it's not on the model directly ! It's the sphere spell of Kael attachement (like the bonus orb of fire, storm, death, shadow, frost etc...) So players can change the orb without you to need to change it directly on skin/model.
Level 1
Feb 14, 2020
Hey quick question. For some reason I can't change the full path of the files. When I click Modify File Properties, nothing happens. The window doesn't open. Do you know how to fix this or do I need to enable something first?
Level 1
Feb 27, 2020
Wow, this is great! I'd like to use this in a wcR map I'm working on, if that's cool? I'll link whatever you'd like me to. Also, would you be willing to do something similar for blackrock orcs, with the grey skins? It would be pretty amazing and I admit I crave them pretty badly to really complete this project. Or maybe some other darker-themed hero skins? Literally anything like what you made here for undead or orcs I think I can work with and would be so incredibly grateful. Thanks so much for your efforts while the game is in such a raw state, but hopefully with good models/skins like yours, and good maps, we can make the space valuable enough for blizzard to take it seriously.