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[Voice acting x2] Need male with eastern European or Russian accent + British female

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If you can imitate the accent well then that's fine too :B

Only need to do 4 lines (each) for the moment, possibly more in a few months.

Also the voice shouldn't be too deep.

(I need these because one of my voice actor's computer broke, and another one is not talking to me for a few months)

EDIT: Only need the british female now.
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Here are 3 lines made by the usual voice actor I'd use. His computer broke so he doesn't have a microphone, and last time he came to my house he broke the straps off of my wiimotes and tried to reset my wii. So I banned him from my house.



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When he gets his microphone he's going to be doing it slower anyway.

EDIT: Okay some lines.

  • Aha! Free at last from that wretched place! Now to find the artifact and get sweet revenge!
  • Hey, shut up before I... YOU! So it was you who found the artifact! Give me it! Give me the artifact, puny dragon!
  • She's right. There are too many people around here! Mark my word, Scorch, someday I will get that artifact!


Media Manager
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May 25, 2007
Yeah, I can fix that problem easily.
I tend to forget about it when I'm not paying much attention to what I'm doing... =_=

Anyway sign me up as the malicious dragon, Py.
Just PM me or notify me through the chat when you need any lines done.
Level 3
Oct 19, 2007
PM me with any voice acting needs. I can get you a real Russian (best friend's family is from Russia, VERY heavy accents.) :p

or someone polish (again, heavy accents)
or British.

Those are the main three off the top of my head. Like I said, PM me and I'll see what I can get done.
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