Voice Over Request: Simkitty's Campaign Project

Level 5
Nov 8, 2009
For my campaign, I'm planning on going all out on it. Voice overs are going to be a key for me. I don't know why but a quiet map with only music kind of creeps me out.
ok below is going to be a list of voices I will be hoping for.

Female Lead Voice 1: Requirement: Soft, but able to project their voice when needed
Female Lead Voice 2: Something fierce like the archer
Female Lead Voice 3: Preferably someone with a British Accent
More Female voices to come...


Male Lead Voice 1: Something Average
Male Lead Voice 2: Unique, accent possibly?
Male Lead Voice 3: Strong, ability to project and be loud when needed
More Male voices to come...


I don't mind whatever your age is.
Preferably with the guys that you have gone through puberty lol
Voice cracks are cute, but make sure if you have one or two happen when recording, that you re-record and try to avoid the cracking. And if you crack every other word, I suggest not signing up lol

If you wish to help me, please either IM me or comment on my profile page and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I will send you a paragraph, and I want you to record your self saying it and I will evaluate your voice to see if it fits the role.