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May 27, 2012
May 2, 2010
Vic, Australia.
Paper round. Not really a 'job' per se, but it bri


For the Hive!, from Vic, Australia.

rastas301 was last seen:
May 27, 2012
    1. rastas301
      OK all, I know I haven't been keeping you guys very updated, but here's what's going down:

      I've made some progress with the new project, but unfortunately some RL stuff has come up and as such the project is on hold indefinitely.

      I'll be seein y'all soon, I promise!
    2. BlackKnightTGS
      A snag? What do you mean?
    3. rastas301
      Ah of course how could I miss that? It's right next to models, for goodness' sake. I really suck... lol.

      Ok I'll PM the link to you both and we can move forward from there. I've been a bit slack lately haven't been doing much on it - hit a bit of a snag in the first scene and not sure why it's happening or how to fix it.
    4. BlackKnightTGS
      *late reply, sorry* No, the pastebin, click the link and upload it, then send it to -Kobas-.
    5. rastas301
      What the recycle bin?
    6. BlackKnightTGS
      You can try pasting it in the pastebin, and then send the link.
    7. rastas301
      Thanks to -Kobas- and BlackKnightTG for their agreeing to support my new project! Sorry was in a rush so couldn't send a PM.

      EDIT: I should really check what I can do on this site before saying I'll do it....

      Turns out I can't attach stuff to posts on this page. *sigh* I'm not entirely sure how to get the map to either of you otherwise without actually uploading it (which defeats the purpose of a pre-upload reviewer...)

      So.... help out a noob?

      *smiles nervously*
    8. -Kobas-
      Well ok, it can be done :D
    9. BlackKnightTGS
      Yes :) Or sending them via a PM
    10. rastas301
      So like putting the scripts in hidden boxes to avoid a loooong message?
    11. BlackKnightTGS
      You got it? Good, now you can update ep.2 to be ep.2 again ^^

      And yeah, .txt is a notebook file. If he can't access it...hmm...what about PM-ing the scripts?
    12. rastas301
      Ah got it. Cheers mate.

      Can't get it into a PM eh? Well the guy asked me to send him a .txt file, I'm assuming that's a notebook thing, but I don't have his email?

      I posted a .zip file with all of the .docx files in it but he either hasn't noticed that or can't access it.
    13. BlackKnightTGS
      In a PM? I don't think so, there's no mana attachments button there.

      No file? Odd...
    14. rastas301
      Is it possible to attach something to a PM? I didn't see a manage attachments button there.

      EDIT: P.S, I got your email but no file?
    15. BlackKnightTGS
      To attach a file, you press the Manage Attachments button and browse your attachment ^^
    16. rastas301
      Episode 2? I hope not...

      Oh dear I hope I didn't save over it... I'll check.

      Of course attaching it.... silly me ^^

      EDIT: Warning don't read this if you have a fear/dislike of complete idiocy... how do you attach a file like a word doc?

      DOUBLE EDIT: Ooooooh crap. Sent you a PM explaining about Ep. 2.... It isn't good.
    17. BlackKnightTGS
      A word .doc? What about attaching it to a post? ^^

      Also, is it me, or did you update episode 2 too? It shows the part where Beorn gets to Eremir and stops when the Peasant runs away o.o
    18. rastas301
      I probably will end up doing an emissary I'm too lazy to do the skull.

      Hell, Episode 3 is all piled up in 2 triggers. It's very sloppily done, I want to finish the season fast and then put my real skills to use.

      It's pretty much done just gotta edit a few things.

      It should be uploaded within the hour, look sharp mate!

      EDIT: Uploaded! No voiceovers yet, I'm still finalizing things with the potential actors. I'm not sure how to give them the script! I've got each char's lines typed out on a word doc, but don't know how to get it to them.
    19. BlackKnightTGS
      Yay! Bob will become cool :D

      Hmm...I was thinking of an emissary, but the floating skull sounds nice :grin:

      Can't wait to see the new episode! :smile: Is it gonna be voiced?
    20. rastas301
      I think I might take the voice acting I did out of Episode 1, it's kind of weird to have some people voiced and others not. Perhaps Season I can be the 'silent season' of the Comedy.

      EDIT: Forget it my Voice Actor Recruitment thread actually got some replies!

      Might have voice for Beorn, and maybe Akama, Illidan, Lanante and Geddon! Voregar too.
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    Vic, Australia.
    Paper round. Not really a 'job' per se, but it bri
    Current Project:
    At the moment I'm attempting a comedy project entitled Black Temple Comedy. I have yet to come up with a real name =)
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    I'm a young Aussie boy who got started in mapping as soon as I figured out the basics of the World Editor.

    I've only recently joined the Hive and have since found it to be a very friendly place!

    I enjoy making RPG maps (unfortunately I never stay dedicated to a project and always go gallavanting off to some other crazy idea before it's finished).

    At the moment I've abandoned my RPG ideas and am working on a comedy (no name as of yet, currently called simply Black Temple Comedy).

    Perhaps one day I'll pull out an RPG and finish it. Who knows?

    Mapping, playing World of Warcraft, modding for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, reading.


    Wingrave Maps

    "I know there are dumb people in the world, but sometimes even Stupid sits crying in a corner, wondering what happened to the world..." - Unknown
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