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  • OK all, I know I haven't been keeping you guys very updated, but here's what's going down:

    I've made some progress with the new project, but unfortunately some RL stuff has come up and as such the project is on hold indefinitely.

    I'll be seein y'all soon, I promise!
    Ah of course how could I miss that? It's right next to models, for goodness' sake. I really suck... lol.

    Ok I'll PM the link to you both and we can move forward from there. I've been a bit slack lately haven't been doing much on it - hit a bit of a snag in the first scene and not sure why it's happening or how to fix it.
    Thanks to -Kobas- and BlackKnightTG for their agreeing to support my new project! Sorry was in a rush so couldn't send a PM.

    EDIT: I should really check what I can do on this site before saying I'll do it....

    Turns out I can't attach stuff to posts on this page. *sigh* I'm not entirely sure how to get the map to either of you otherwise without actually uploading it (which defeats the purpose of a pre-upload reviewer...)

    So.... help out a noob?

    *smiles nervously*
    You got it? Good, now you can update ep.2 to be ep.2 again ^^

    And yeah, .txt is a notebook file. If he can't access it...hmm...what about PM-ing the scripts?
    Ah got it. Cheers mate.

    Can't get it into a PM eh? Well the guy asked me to send him a .txt file, I'm assuming that's a notebook thing, but I don't have his email?

    I posted a .zip file with all of the .docx files in it but he either hasn't noticed that or can't access it.
    Is it possible to attach something to a PM? I didn't see a manage attachments button there.

    EDIT: P.S, I got your email but no file?
    Episode 2? I hope not...

    Oh dear I hope I didn't save over it... I'll check.

    Of course attaching it.... silly me ^^

    EDIT: Warning don't read this if you have a fear/dislike of complete idiocy... how do you attach a file like a word doc?

    DOUBLE EDIT: Ooooooh crap. Sent you a PM explaining about Ep. 2.... It isn't good.
    A word .doc? What about attaching it to a post? ^^

    Also, is it me, or did you update episode 2 too? It shows the part where Beorn gets to Eremir and stops when the Peasant runs away o.o
    I probably will end up doing an emissary I'm too lazy to do the skull.

    Hell, Episode 3 is all piled up in 2 triggers. It's very sloppily done, I want to finish the season fast and then put my real skills to use.

    It's pretty much done just gotta edit a few things.

    It should be uploaded within the hour, look sharp mate!

    EDIT: Uploaded! No voiceovers yet, I'm still finalizing things with the potential actors. I'm not sure how to give them the script! I've got each char's lines typed out on a word doc, but don't know how to get it to them.
    Yay! Bob will become cool :D

    Hmm...I was thinking of an emissary, but the floating skull sounds nice :grin:

    Can't wait to see the new episode! :smile: Is it gonna be voiced?
    I think I might take the voice acting I did out of Episode 1, it's kind of weird to have some people voiced and others not. Perhaps Season I can be the 'silent season' of the Comedy.

    EDIT: Forget it my Voice Actor Recruitment thread actually got some replies!

    Might have voice for Beorn, and maybe Akama, Illidan, Lanante and Geddon! Voregar too.
    Beorn falls in love with Nazh'ah in the show of the show =)

    And I'll use a unit to tell the director he's sued. What model do you recommend? Thought I might use a floating skull or something to reference Zarhym from the WoW Forums.

    With Bob - maybe he can get eaten a few more times then finally go to the director and say "This is bull%$*& I don't want to be eaten again." and during filming he's told he has to be eaten again, he goes spazzo and unleashes a crazy ability and destroys the set or something. Make him a bit cooler ^^
    Neshark? Possibly. Maybe Bob can be eaten again?

    Ok I've decided on Beorn getting drunk and falling in love with Nazh'ah.

    After that's done, I'll make a little miny episode in which the directors gets sued and they have to go to a makeshift Black Temple set.

    The comedy will be about the people making the show, not so much the show itself ^^.

    Hopefully this will, as you said, quell the originality complaints (few as they are).
    Hmmm...nice :D It would be nice to see what would happens during filming (and some people wouldn't complain about originality).

    Also, will Akama's pet reappear in the series? Anywho, I'm looking forward to ep.3 :grin:
    Here's what I've got for Episode 3 so far:

    > A L70ETC concert in the Temple.
    > Doom Lord Karzak getting fired.
    > Beorn getting drunk and falling in love with Mistress Nazh'ah (the succubus chick)
    > Akama finally doing something of note (he's just been lying around since Episode 1).
    Nah probably won't make it playable.

    I'm warming to the idea of having some blizzard GM or something sue him and they have to move somewhere else.

    Perhaps they have to make their own Black Temple and when the crew and cast arrive it's like a really crappy version. Things could go wrong during filming and it would open up opportunity for humor outside the actual show.

    I'm kind of undecided at this point whether the comedy should be centered around the show itself, or just what happens with the crew and outside filming etc.

    Perhaps one more Episode (3) to wrap up Season I, then I'll make a crappy Black Temple map. The director can say he's reworking the show to be all serious and dramatic.

    That way, the comedy will be about them trying to make a show, rather than about the show itself.
    Oh, okay. Also, you mean you're gonna make a Black Temple playable map?

    And your maps are original, never seen anything like them before. Many people use Blizzard's terrain for their maps :smile: And lol about the sue xD I'd like to see his expression

    Terraining? Nope, I'm mostly a triggerer. My friend is good at terraining though, but he uninstalled Warcraft :\ But still, what kind of terrain do you need?

    Anyway...how about them doing....an attack/getting better tech (as in, unlocking new techtree)..or no, I suck at suggestions, sorry ._.
    No thoughts yet on giving them territory this early into it. They've only just established the base outside the Temple.

    On a fresh note, however, I had thoughts to make my own map for the story to unfold and retcon it so that there are seasons of it. I.e Season I, Season II, and so on. Perhaps Episode 3 could wrap up Season I and say in a little mini-episode that Blizzard would sue the director dude if he didn't get off their map or something lol ^^

    Just that guy's post about originality got me thinking. Are you good at terraining? Maybe you could make the map. Plus being in the Black Temple is funny but Azerothian Super Villains kinda took it already.
    Hmm....what about...Light Hope attacking the Black Temple? But being defeated/winning some territory from the Legion? *still thinking* ^^'
    No problem ^^ none of us are perfect heh! Thanks, let me know if you come up with something it's kind of shameful to get to Episode 3 and already run out of ideas.
    Sorry, I can't voice act. I'm no good voice actor ^^; And any idea about Episode 3? Hmm...none right now, but I'll think of something and tell you :cute:
    No problem ^^ hey you don't reckon you could do voice acting do you?

    You could get involved in the BTC project. If you don't wanna voice act, have you got an idea for Episode 3? I'm stumped already!
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