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Dr Betruger's skin from Doom 3.
Enjoy ;)!

VillagerMale (Texture)

THE_END: Alot of shading is just lacking here, and totally ruins the skin




THE_END: Alot of shading is just lacking here, and totally ruins the skin
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
lmao he looks like rather senile with all those veins coming out of his skull. i bet he's old, he could use more facial folds, now theres only one for the cheek muscle to the nose, and one under the mouth. my grandpa have about 300 more folds like that everywhere in his face. now, this villager looks young and weird. oh the folds around his eyes are neat, but you need way more like that spreaded all around the face.

his clothes doesn't have folds, sadly. and the blood is pure red-pink. i'd go for a darker red, that's how i'd see the true texture and appaerance of blood on his red clothes. also i'd put way more blood if you're going for doom3 style, bigger spits of blood.