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Hi all !

first, Thx for download my skin ! ^^

the path is : Units\Critters\VillagerMan\VillagerMale.blp


VillagerMale (Texture)

Archian: Smugde is pulled off fairly well, here :)
Level 5
Oct 17, 2006
you know this model owns for my new pirate of the caribbean map this one well be gibbs i well attach e'm a sowrd; he well have the abiltty to chagne to a long rifle my map is gonna be like the fellowship of middle earth in warcraft the frozner throne man my map is gonna own thanks to your model and i well give criedtes believe me XD
Level 8
Jun 26, 2010
Wow PlRATE, double post isn't allowed, so imagine 6 posts in a row.

Good job on the skin. 5/5
Also, i don't know why the original skin have those ears, they are not used haha
Level 5
Sep 8, 2013

Seems that the one in picture and the downloads files looks different...
The one that in picture shows an *old* villager skin, and the file that I download looks totally different.
So here's the ''characteristic'' files I download like:

=> The Villager wears a black jacket, red T-shirt (in the jacket),
white pants/jeans, black shoes, has a black short beard, some colour-mixture hair (apparently is black mixed with bright orange), has a black mostache, eyes or should I say portrait= portrait=*fugly/a bit blurry (eyes).

The owner of this skin may not change the screenshot/picture for the file he submitted.

Anyway, the skin looks ''modernly'' created good texture usage. And works in-game.