Version Switcher Guide

Level 4
Sep 17, 2011
To all those who play Gaias that have version 1.24d in [USA RPG room 1]; here's the guide to switch any version and we can start to play Gaias Retaliation ORPG together :D <This one for the Switcher <This one for 1.24d <This one for 1.26a

Yes, you have to download all 3 of this. [Also they're safe, so dont overthinking if there's are virus or not]

First thing after finished download the Switcher [Name your Folder] any name....
1) After you finished download like i said.. click on the folder and it will appear 5 different thing in there [Click on wvs.exe]

2) You will see this thingie box
Here's the website that have the picture [Yes its safe, but they dont have english.. so.. sorry]

3) you will see 9 Different box of icons, but after you click the exe, it will ask you to configure the Wc3, so find the folder that have wc3 and choose it.

4) After that you have to download 2 different TFT [1 from 1.24d and other is 1.26a]


6) Put the whole zips files in a folder called [Wvs]

6(Extra) When you click in the folder there's 8 different files, so you can just pasted or save in anywhere you want. [IN THE FOLDER called "wvs"] im keep repeating this.
7) after you finished the download and everything click on [wvs.exe] and then click on the first box icon called "Switch Version" AND DONT TRY THE STORE CURRENT VERSION (If it nesscary cuz i dont know what is for...]

8) Once you click on it [the first icon] i will appear the box choose one of those files TFT that u download and double click in it and wait, then you're done :)

9) Enjoy~