How to İnstall and connect ""

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Jan 23, 2015
To be able to install and play via , Warcraft version must be 1.28.2.

1. İnstall visual c++ redistributable

2. Create a copy of your Warcraft 3 folder (ONLY ""C:\Program Files\Warcraft III"", no need to copy files from your docs folder) and change that folder name to something else.

3. Go to Warden, download ""Warcraft III Version Switcher 1.27b to 1.28.2"" and ""Installer v8"".

4. Extract ""WVS"" archive and ""TFT Version 1.28.2"" (TFT 1.28.2 is located deep in wvs archive) files into your copied Warcraft.

5. Open Config.ini file and change the ""Wc3Dir"" key to path to your Warcraft III directory for eurobattle.

6. Run the "wvs.exe" as admin and when the window opens, select first icon "switch version" double click on 1.28.2

7. When installation is completed, close everything and run "Installer V8" indicate the copied folder of Wc3 and install after finished. Run as admin " Client" after some updates, select Groxy Gateway and enjoy.

8. To be able to enter with your account you need to activate your account at Activate account

9. You can check hosted games from here , ENT Gaming - Games list
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