Vengeful Spirit

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Summoned unit for the Black Templar faction!

Vengeful Spirit (Model)

Vengeful Spirit Icon (Icon)

General Frank
The death animation is faulty. The geosets do not disappear at the end of it and the flame of the weapon should probably stop at the beginning of it. Please fix this issue.
Level 28
Jul 28, 2021
This is an ancient enforcer, driving those who are objectionable to the king from rallies 🛡️
Jokes aside, this is a good example of creative use of textures and geosets that fits into the small universe of your Black Templar faction; also a worthy candidate for the Revenant Covenant 👍

However, on the technical side, to call this unit a summon you should add a Birth animation (this might be a simple scaling of the root bone with some suitable particles in a simple pose, see Water Elemental).
Also make sure that all your geosets dissapear in the end of the Death sequence (see the armor).

As for the visual part, I would suggest adding some particles in the Death sequence (as it was in the original Revenant model) in order to cover up the limbs that feel quite lonely and are left hung in the air:

Or add a body to the sprite.
Considering the shiny and transparent skirt: if it is immaterial, like the shield, then it should disappear along with the shield (lore-wise), so that only the mace and armor can "soak" into the ground.

Keep working on animations, man, your persistence will translate into more powerful models soon, I'm sure of it 💪
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Level 28
Mar 2, 2019
Nice job!!
What's the lore behind this feller?
Thank you! I have nt yet made my mind exactly but as first thought the Spirit unit is more of a fire elemental ( the order considers fire as a holy judgement meant to cleanse evil ) and they also add blood runes ( martyr blood ). The unit is bassicaly souless but more religious members of the order believe that sometimes their fallen brothers also manifest within the Spirit units.

Hopefully soon I ll be able to make the mage units that summon them aswell :)