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Valley of Decay Rpg v1417k

Submitted by TD_PRO_2006
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Valley of Decay Rpg v1.4.17k!

Please check out Valley of Decay Standalone!
Valley of Decay

Check out these awesomely faught boss encounters(fan-made):

Basic information:


This Rpg is definitely a TEAM-Rpg!
If you try to do quests alone, you may be successful in the beginning,
but after a time, you will see that those bosses will rock your butt hard.
The perfect combination is "Tank", "Healer" and one or more "Damage Dealers"
as it is an advantage in most Rpgs. The available classes are listed below.
This is a save/load Rpg of course, you can save your character, your items
and the level of your abilities. You will find more information about abilities
below. The whole game itself consists of two main parts:
1)Doing quests and killing small bosses to become more powerful.
2)Facing hard bosses as a team of at least three players.
The bosses in Valley of decay Rpg are very unique and full of action.
Complicated boss abilities will make your brains run hot to
find the best way of surviving and defeating such monsters.
The Rpg will start with a row of quests which mostly don't require
much teamwork, except the Tank/Healer/dd thing.
Stay patient and you will not regret to face much harder and much funnier
tasks and bosses as you have never witnessed them!

I am developing a 2D pixel-art hack and slay multiplayer game, please check it out and follow me on facebook: Click here


You have nine different classes to choose from.
Heroes in this Rpg will have all their abilities form the beginning on!
During the game you will get ability-points when you reach specific levels.
With those you will be able to upgrade all your abilities.
To sum up, you will not get new abilities, you have them all from the beginning on
and you can upgrade them all couple of levels.
To be correct, you can get other abilities, but this will be explained in the
"Skill-system" part. The available classes and their mood:

1)The Priest:

The priest is basically a healer in this Rpg, wearing cloth-items and is able to use spelldamage.
With a specific skill (you can spend 8 skillpoints on a skilltree in the beginning of the game),
the Priest can turn into a Shadowpriest with new abilities, who deals damage instead of healing.
Therefore, the Priest can be either insane Healer or insane Dmg-dealer.

2)The Warrior:

This fat guy is the best tanking class in this Rpg. He has no healing abilities, but
he is very sustained. In adition to that he is the only class, besides the Paladin
and the Pacifist, that wears chain-armor and a shield.
All those features make the warrior the perfect tank. Small surprise:
With a specific skill, you can turn the warrior into a damage dealer, exchanging
some of his abilities with nice damage abilities. In that form,
he is also a very good damage dealer.

3)The Shaman:

This guy will be a bit unusual in this Rpg.
The shaman cannot use spelldamage, but uses agility instead! This makes him a mixture
of caster and meele guy. He needs mana and mana-reg, but uses only agility to deal damage
or to heal other mates. At this point, it should be mentioned, that the shaman can be
either a damage dealer or a healer(single target), depending how you spend your skillpoints.
The shaman has also got nice totems to support the whole party.

4)The Rogue:

Fast, furtive, deadly. These three words describe the rogue best.
He uses normal damage and agility to slice his enemies down.
Nothing much to say about this character, except that he is only
used as a damage dealer. He can only wear leather items.

5)The Paladin:

The paladin is a mixture of all these roles:
Depending on the spent skillpoints, he can be a tank, a healer or a damage dealer.
The disadvantage is, that he can't do any of those really good, such as the priest
can heal or the rogue can deal damage, but he is a very good allround supporter,
making him nearly indispensable for a party. The paladin is the only class besides the Pacifist, that can wear all items.
Update! The Paladin can now be played as an adequate tank, when wearing the right items (also in late-game).

6)The Hunter:

The hunter is the sister of the rogue, just ranged.
Wearing leather and using agility and physical damage to slay enemies down
are also the known issues of the rogue.
The hunter can also use spelldamage.
Update! The hunter's pet has been removed and replaced with
a small support spell (hot).

7)The Mage:

The mage is the king of spelldamage.
He uses very deadly aoe abilities, that can even slay big groups in a short time.
This character has also got the most mana, which is really required for a mage.
Mages can only wear cloth-items and are very, very weak, regarding their defence.
But the lacks of defensive abilities will be balanced by his/her deadliness!

8)The Hellminder:

It is mainly used as damage dealer.
All his abilities are strength based and to make it fair,
he has been gifted with very few armor. There have been
created some new and awesome items especially for the
Hellminder to balance his damage.
If you are that kind of people who like strumming the keyboard
then the Hellminder is the perfect class for you.
He uses bloodpoints instead of mana which can be earned by
casting his first ability which is the only one, that isn't affected
by bloodpoints. If you gear your Hellminder up with tank gear,
he can also be used as a tank in early and mid game.

9)The Pacifist:

The new class :) I wanted to invent a whole new hero,
which is not similar to any world of warcraft hero or any other rpg and there it is!
The Pacifist is a supporter class, who can heal, provide mana for your
mates and deal quite good damage. He is very hard to equip,
because he can wear all item types and because his abilities are mainly affected by all stats.
Are you the one who finds out the perfect equip for the Pacifist?
Remember one thing: he does not use spelldamage.


You will get ability-points when
you reach specific levels(2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 38, 44, 50, 56).
You have to spend them to upgrade your abilities. Most of them will be stronger,
some of them will just be improved in their cooldown and others, such as the totems
of the shaman will only upgrade every 4 upgrades.
Warriors and Rogues, for instance, are very dependent on the strength
of their abilities, because those are the main damage-source of them.
The changes of those abilities will be remarkable.
Others, such as the abilities from the mage, will not be that much better,
because they use spelldamage mainly for dealing damage.


It is pretty common in modern wc3 Rpgs
to implement skill-trees for characters to make the game more varied.
In Valley of decay Rpg, there are skilltrees, but not that unique as they are
in Rpgs like TKoK. Nevertheless, they can make characters jump into specific roles,
such as i have mentioned before. The warrior can be a tank or a damage dealer,
depending on how the 8 skillpoints, that you have in the beginning, are spent.
You will always have 8 skillpoints in the beginning, also when you load.
This offers you the possibility of jumping into different roles in different games.


You have one profession, the "Enchanting".
With -ench you can open a table which provides information
about your profession level, your material and your items.
You can enchant every item once.
With leveling this profession, you will unlock more and better
enchantments for your items.
Upgrading your profession to the highest level is the longest
and hardest part of this game. It provides players,
with the wish of doing more than just beating the endboss,
a higher and harder obtainable aim.

Advanced information:


This map is made by TD_PRO_2006
-Menag [Tester/Ideas]
-Fanta-Freak [Tester/Ideas]
-Lazze [Tester]
-Findusi [Tester/Ideas]
-Lurchfreund [Tester]
-Murka [Tester/Balancing/Ideas]
-Maniac1992 [Tester/Balancing]
-0bs.vildmule [Tester/Balancing]
-Caster_K [Tester]
-FrozenStalker [Tester]
-A]c[E [Ideas/Balancing]
-DeathMaster99 [Tester/Balancing/Ideas]
-fr0zenf1re [Tester/Ideas]
-Proakten [Tester/Ideas]
-g-g-111 [Testress]
-s_o_c [Tester]
-GunZ- [Tester]
-Lang_BR [Tester]
-Kannwulf [Tester]
-Kinji [Tester]
-D4rK_SouL_X [Tester]
-Nestharus [for his attemps to make me learn how to implement a better save/load code :p]
-Notamaphacker [Hotkeyed version]
-mirkom [Tester]
-muzzel [storing code in .txt file]
-Robbepop [storing code in .txt file]
-zephael [Tester]
-P4r4noy3r [Tester]
-Aesgeroth [Tester]
-SayonaraDatte [Tester/Coder/Bugfixer]

Credits for the models:
-WILL THE ALMIGHTY [Ancient Explosion SFX/SparksExplosion/Dirt Explosion]
-Champara Bros [Arcane Explosion]
-Kitabatake [all armors/Blue Blood Sword/Samurai Helmet/Spell Axe]
-perfjert [Copper Waraxe/Square Shield/Undead Shield/Hammer of Death]
-Devine [DancingSword/DemonShieldTarget]
-Inferno [Dark Nova/DivineRing]
-Gottfrei [DemonicSword]
-Lord_T [Dragon BattleAxe/Spiked Stone Maul]
-varsaigen [Hive Hammer]
-ikillforeyou [all helmets/Plate mail shoulder pads]
-Tranquil [Lightnings Multiple/Castle Tower/Castle Wall]
-Tauren [Odd Sword]
-inico [Outland Pain Sword]
--SkatinG_CoW- [Shield/Tonfa/WizardsHat/Shoulderplates]
-N00byStance [NSRPG_shield_boneshield]
-xXMephistoXx [SlitheringSword]
-Thrikodius [Staff of Negation]
-GonePostal [ghoul sword]
-Misha [Gabriel Scepter]
-Xcisso [Wooden Shield]
-Sunchips [Bulwark of Azzinoth/Scaled Mail Pauldrons]
-Pyritie [Darkness High and Uber]
-Sunchips [Mail Armor]
-DTuGuR [HelmetDt]
-Misha [Natheras/FrostArchon]
-Dan van Ohllus [Trush sword]
-Usedwell [Longsword of Marr/Rotten staff]
-Kehel [Serpent]
-DonDustin [LavaColossus/IceNova]
-Lord_T [Troll Enforcer]
-Kitabatake [IceSpider]
-General Frank [Ice Crown Overlord]
-Callahan [Nerubian Guard]
-Mc ! [FrostElemental]
-JetFangInferno [BlizzardEruption]
-NatDis [Wood Elven Druidess]
-KayS [Armageddon]
-Ampharos_222 [Calcium Behemoth]
-Sellenisko [MotherShahraz]
-sPy [Nature'sBloom_Effect]
-Misha [Raploid Saber]
-Uncle Fester [Orange and Purple crystals]
-Sin'dorei300 [Female Necromancer]
-Sellenisko [Inquisitor Malendis]
-Vortigon [Wind egg]
-Spellbound [Interface]
-Sellenisko [Wyvern]

Credits for the icons:
-Stanakin Skywalker [BTNKoboldArmor3]
-Juan_Ann [BTNdemonknight]
-Static [BTNCrystalRing]
-bAsToIsE [BTNgloweysword]
-Mr.Goblin [BTNcape]
-MOrbid [BTNTemplarArmor]
-NFWar [BTNHelmetOfTheGhost/AirRiderHelm]
-Hellx-Magnus [BTNRavenBlackArmor]
-Big Dub [NecroHelm]
--BerZeKeR- [BTNBerserkerArmor+Helm]
-CloudWolf [BTNDeathKnight]
-enjoy [BTNVikingHelmet]
--Berz- [BTNSpikedRing]
-Jaret [BTNRootsword]
-PetrKubelka [BTNSoulAxe]
-Hellx-Magnus [BTNEagleDruidStaff]
-PeeKay [BTNViper/BTNAbsolute/BTNStormNecklace/BTNNecromancy/BTNMentality/seer staff]
-Infinitynexus [BTNAncientAmulet]
-The_Silent [BTNInnerMight]
-Mc ! [BTNSoulTalisman/sea spear]
--Berz- [BTNBlueStone/BTNDeathKnightRing]
-Elainiel [BTNEnergyNecklace]
-Apheraz Lucent [lunar edge]



Changelog v1.0.44c

-the entire map has been overworked. (removed leaks, better triggers, new features regarding to the interface of the game, etcetera...)
-Mage abilities will work now (all of them)
-Souledtonation of priest has been weakened
-Added some specialeffects to some abilities
-Credits of all models are now given!
-Every kind of dmg done will be shown from now on
-Shaman is now able to heal much better than in old versions
-Whole respawn system overworked
-Every single known bug has been removed
-Added a new area, that allows players the reach the lvl cap 60
-Added 5 new raid instances that grant good players the best bounty of this game! In this version, all 5 are closed. Time after time i will release new versions, with fixes and the new instances.
-Added a new ability for shaman, that makes him a good partner in your team from now on
-Added the new fog, that should make the game more uniqe
-Added a dmg-meter!
-Added many new items
-The agility per level has been increased for all agi heroes
-You cannot cheat ability-points anymore
-Fixed the critical strike of rogue and hunter
-Implemented a new damage-system that balances the different dds much better!
-Better description for new players implemented!

Changelog v1.0.44d

-Upgrade bug in last town has been removed
-Hp of assassins have been slightly decreased

Changelog v1.0.44e

-Fixed a bug, that prevented pple from reveving in the new area
-Mor�th, the dreadful will now do as much dmg as intended when he goes enrage
-Fixed a bug that caused pple to die after killing Harox
-From now on, the assassins for the quest "assassins" have to be killed by normal players!
-From now on, warriors will no longer taunt enemies with injure as long they are skilled as damage dealer
-Fixed a bug, that preserved infinite fury for the warrior
-Fixed the heal-chance of "taunt", it works correctly now

Changelog v1.0.44f

-The save-code will now work properly
-All the lvl 56 abilities will work now
-Small description bug fixed

Changelog v1.0.44g

-The Fury of warrior works properly now! For sure!
-The blocking bonus of shields will work now
-Zhrims death often caused his drops to get removed. Hopfully this bug has been fixed now
-Agi does not give attackspeed bonus, it is now mentioned in the tooltip.
-You will now be able to re-enter Lovax after his death
-Deathbringers are now spelled correctly
-Gra'Cara is harder now!
-The item "Unholy ring of the hunter" counts as a ring now!
-The item "Grievous dragonshell is better now

Changelog v1.0.44h

-Some ability balancing, especially warrior
-The manadrain of priests "Detox" works properly now
-You will be able to REPICK from now on!
-Implemented a very good new feature, that warns you when your level is higher than your ability-level! This will make you aware in the right time whether you can save or not! It can also balanced your ability-points until you are able to save!
This whole thing prevents problems regarding save/load completely!
-Changed, fixed some small things, that i already forgot^^

Changelog v1.0.49a

There are so many changes, that i forgot most of them.
I will only list the most important ones:
-Added a new class: Hellminder
-Rebalanced and overworked all hero abilities
-Added an exactly working dmg meter after each instance, that show the % dmg done for each player
-Added maaanny new items
-The first epic instance of the last six is open now! get the items :)
-And so many small changes which i partly forgot and of which some of them are too small to mention here.
However, have fun with the kick :)

Changelog v1.0.49b

Before the new instance will be launched, i had to fix
a few minor bugs:
-Hellminder has been rebalanced
-some items rebalanced to make them fit one single char. better
-credits removed from quests(f9) and added to an npc in first town
-flicked through all triggers to minimize lagg
-the map is now unprotected to provide possible help for other mappers

Changelog v1.0.49c

Two updates within a very short time :) sorry for that,
i am usually against those happenings.
This update will bring some very essential new things:
-the latest instance boss of the current version will work
properly now, there were some minor and one big bug
-implemented a critical hit system that will make the game more funny!
warrior ability-bug removed for now and ever!

Changelog v1.0.49k

The long wait is over. You have been waiting for
a challenge so long? Then the new boss in the
valley of decay will provide all that.
-A new epic boss, that will drop the chest set pieces
Those set pieces are very powerful, get em!
-Many small fixes have been made aswell :)
It was a prgressive work on the map,
so i forgot all the minor changes.
Go for the new boss, he is awesome :)

Changelog v1.0.49m

-Fixed somevery important issue regarding the set pieces
-Fixed spawn bug at zhrim

Changelog v1.0.49n

-Warrior - Enrage will now upgrade every ability-up
-Loading after picking will no longer keep ability-points
-Gold has been implemented! It is shown in the
multiboard. You can store a maximum of 999 gold.
-A new item shop can be found in the starting area
-You can now buy set helmets in the shop.
They will cost gold.
You can earn goln by doin the first six quests and
by defeating dungeon bosses.
-CODE RESET sorry for this, bit its required for the
gold value

Changelog v1.0.49o

I am soo sorry for this update, but is was
totally required!
-The warrior was still bugged with abilities,
this issue has been fixed now for every player
Please contact me when you find bugs.

Changelog v1.0.49p

-Moro'th, the dreadful will now drop gold too
-Gold has now a chance of 1% to drop from
every killed enemy
-Fixed a bug, that displayed a wrong gold value
for player 5 (yellow) when loading
-Added three new epic rings to the vendor
(they require 365 gold and izzeth's head)
-Amount of gold dropped by izzeth has
been increased drastically
-Izzeth, the cold has been slightly weakened
at phase 3

Changelog v1.0.49q

-Priest's Souldetonation cd has been reduced to 30 sec
-The new epic ring for mana based heroes has
a new stat (increases spelldmg too now)
-Some ability mana-costs have been increased,
because there is a new mana-reg system now!
-In older versions, the mana-reg of all items were
bugged. Surprise surprise! The issue was:
having two items that give mana-reg bonni
did not stack; the item with the higher mana-reg
increase counted!
From now on, mana-reg increase will stack!
From now on, these boni are % based.
All items with mana-reg bonus have been
rebalanced with %.
All heroes with mana habe a base man-reg
of exactly 1.00 mana/sec. Only items can
and will increase the amount.
-Priest's Holy touch cd will be reduced
on higher levels
-Have fun, i hope the mana is balanced.

Changelog v1.2.05c

-Overworked all trigegrs, bosses and special events
to remove grammar-mistakes and bugs and to
improve the game-experience.
-Warrior's Dps-talent will now decrease his armor,
making it unable to tank with him at dps skill.
-Healing cd of shaman decreased, making it possible
to have a shaman heal only to play the whole game.
-A new boss added in valley of decay (balance is missing)
-New items available from the new boss and old items
have been balanced.
-Decrease the cooldowntime of priests's aoe heal
down to seven seconds
-Increased the gold-gain from bosses drastically!
-You will now get gold from mroe quests than in the
earlier versions
-The character color-change from dual-talents
are now permanent!
-Shaman totems will no longer keep a bossfight up.
-The shaman now has a mana totem when heal-specced.
-Some other small changed which i forgot, find out
yourself and have fun with the new version!

Changelog v1.2.05d

-Special thx to "claudeff": the hellminder offhand,
dropped by sarania can now be saved.

Changelog v1.2.05e

-special thx to "s_o_c":
-rebalanced the last boss (tank is needed)
-fixed last bosse's phases, they should work now
-a new enrage abiliry has been added to the last boss
-also fixed izzeth's polar bear phase
-fixed the "follower" at lovax (important)
-added new items (one drop randomly from assassins)
-decreased the gold gain from bosses slightly
-all mage abilities have been rebalanced and
their tooltips have been fixed
-fixed a huge bug, that caused "nature's soul"
not to work
-added a new -cam command to get a better
overview for boss-fights
-fixed some typos

Changelog v1.2.05f

-fixed an issue, where -cam could be used while flying
-there are now only two -cam settings
-Water Warlocks in the jungle grant high xp from now on
-The Hellminder drop from Tara'yi is now a weapon!
note! it was a wep before, but the tooltip was wrong
-Pala-setbonus works now! sorry for this bug
-The item Blood ruby decreases the hp by 194
instead of 617 (undead area)
-Priest-Souldetonation is no longer affected
by spelldamage
-Priest-Detox has now a 46% chance
to deal 14% of your max. mana dmg
-Shaman-Chainlightning has now a 100% chance
to deal (agix7) damage.
-Shaman-Fire Totem deals much more dmg now
and he is no longer invul. to prevent pull bugs.
The totem's hp will increase with the lvl.
-Hunter-Unholy arrow has now an 38% chance
(up from 18%) to deal (agix3) dmg.
-the hunter's pet is stronger(more useful) now.
-finally fixed the cavebug-spawn at zhrim
-The Green death (Lovax ability) cannot aim
for shaman totems anymore.
-3 new items (one epic at murlocs)

Changelog v1.2.05g

-hopefully fixed all bosses! they should work now
as intended.
-added a new class: The Pacifist
-added three new items
-the shaman should work now completely!
(dont complain about firetotem dying,
it is intended to be like that when it takes dmg)
-fixed many small things to provide a better
gaming experience

Changelog v1.2.05h

-the Pacifist has been rebalanced
-final rejuvenation from pacifist works now
-shadowpriest - shadowbolt has now a chance
to release an aoe explosion instead of manareg
-the shield of holy priest is now a general buff
which can be used everye 1,5 seconds and
lasts for 180 seconds.
-the game now gets 1,5 str per lvl up from 1
-all final bosses (3) have an improved
infight system now, avoiding staying in the back
to w8 until the died heroes return.
-i recommend: a war tank to tank, not a pally!
(taunt is important now)
-the hellminder needs just 25 bpts down from 60
to use the dmg bonus on the "W" ability
-firetotem bug from shaman has been fixed now!
-the dmg from saranya has been nerfed
-the dmg from tarayi has been nerved
-ice cage at izzeth appears now once
every 20 sec. up from 15 and his
movementspeed has been reduced slightly
-entering dungeons and leaving them will
now result in a following cam.
-the -cam command has been improved
and fixed for once and ever!
-increased the dropchance from an epic item
which is able tp drop from murlocs
-remember! the xpgain from water warlocks
has been increased drastically, which means:
if you are lvl 32 and u want lvl 36 to get to
the high end area, you just need to farm warlocks
to achieve lvl 36 in no time.
-special thanks to: A]c[E for some balance advices

Changelog v1.2.05i

-all abilities of "The Pacifist" work now
(there was an issue with "under protection")
-rebalanced the pacifist, its perfect now!
-rebalanced the mage, to be a good single target
damage dealer too!
(increased base dmg of fireball drastically,
fireball has now a chance to deal (wis x 6)
additional dmg, deadly firebolt hits huge now)
-fixed the infight system of last three bosses,
the tank has now the additional job,
to regain aggro every 20 sec with the abilities
"taunt" and "injure".
-cavebugs at zhrim should work now, i think i have
finally found the bug
-decreased the armor reduction of warrior dps skill
-nerfed the xp gain from water warlocks slightly
-all enemies in the jungle can now drop the epic
item "Treasure of the north". its very rare.
-hopefully fixed an issue, that caused ads
to spawn inside of the jungle outpost after
the death of lovax.
-please dont abuse older versions to gain
gold/xp faster than in the newest.
you will lose some game fun then :)
-if rly everything works in this version
(ill w8 for feedback some days),
i can start with the new boss which will
be more epic than anythign uve every witnessed!

Changelog v1.2.05j

-added a -portal command, to set up a portal
in order to reach far away places much faster.
(the price for portals is: (herolvl / 5) and you can
type -destroy portal to destory the current
connection and set up a new)
-fixed all bosses and nerfed the high end bosses
a bit to make the whole game running quite fine finally!
-fixed a multiboard bug
i will soon start with the new epic boss. have fun with
the new class in the meantime :)

Changelog v1.2.05m

-the main attribute of shaman has been changed to agi
-random aggro from endbosses removed
-nerfed the attackspeed necklace from Sar�nia
-Warrior - Injure requires 0 fury to cast from now on
-implemented a unique First-Person cam (Esc to enable)
-fixed a beauty-bug, that caused goldgain to show up
above totems
-enabled a recycle system for undead castle and assassins,
to reduce the lagg for longer games
-the ability "Wild regeneration" from shaman does no longer
pause the unit and has been balanced in effect, duration and cd
-the pacifist has been nerfed overall in late game
-the net from assassins in valley of decay lasts now 3 seconds
-the heal totem of shaman has been reimplemented, healing
every five seconds a fix value which is also useful in late game
-totally fixed every single bug at T�ra'yi, the evergreen and
she is balanced now
-fixed all -portal issues!
-rebalanced all classes regarding dmg/mana-reg and armor
(this also includes items)
-the new gold cap is 899, preventing a bug
-completely overworked the dps-meter for precise values now!
(refreshes only every five seconds, but performs much better)
-overworked the HUNTER, making it more fun to play him
-increased the dmg of shadowstep of rogue and fixed it's
power to travel everywhere
-lvl 60 will now grant an attribute bonus of 35 for your main stat!
-the new boss is now available and works 99%!
-there are even more bug fixes and changes which improve
the overall game performance!
You will have much fun with this version, hf!
Also check out or first video of how to beat the nature boss.

Changelog v1.2.05n

-rebalanced the last boss ( i have to admit,
that he was really too hard for normal people)
-rebalanced the necklaces, dropped by the last boss
-the ability "Wild regeneration" from shaman works
properly now
-hopefully fixed the first person cam
-fixed a small bug, which eventually caused
someone to get thrown into a corner while
fighting Sarania, the dreadful.

Changelog v1.2.05o

-fixed wild regeneration, sorry for that issue.

Changelog v1.2.05p

-Added the last of the five big bosses,
called Naxia, the unpredictable goddess
(endboss including a whole instance missing)
-Totally rebalanced Priest heal, you can now heal
as good as a shaman with priests
-rebalanced all heroes again (dps)
-added commands to change the size
of your crits. and the minimum amount a
crit should be to get shown
-added the new set rings, which are dropped
from naxia
-bosses have a %-hp-bar from now on
-overworked the warrior DD skill. he does
huge dmg now.
-reduced the damage of the last three big bosses
to balance the heal a bit more
-are you good enough to beat Naxia?

Changelog v1.2.05s

-fixed a warrior bug regarding Fissure
-naxia is much harder now, all cds have been decreased
and the totem phase cannot be healed anymore

Changelog v1.2.05t

-hp-reg through strength is now increased to 0.25
up from 0.20
-fixed warrior evasion, it works correctly now
-reworked some skill-tree abilities, to have an
effect when being lvl 60

Changelog v1.2.05u

-added some new items in early game and end game
-balanced ranger's pet, to make it more useful
-rebalanced many items, to make rogues and hellminders
more useful in late game.
-as always i tried to rebalance all heroes dmg, to make
every class useful
-decreased the mana costs of pacifist's abilities drastically.
he will not run out of mana so fast in early and mid game
-I checked green revenge and the 9,8k dmg item from tarayi
and found out, that green revenge actually always worked.
tarayi should not drop the 9,8k dmg item anymore, neither
the frost orbs
-increased the hp and dmg of all early and mid game bosses,
to balanced the whole game again, after the changes of all
classes which increased their dmg quite a lot
-decreased the drop chance of normal items, to avoid
whole fields of useless items being on the floor
-added a new quest to an npc in front of the gate to the
five last bosses. doing this quest grants you the new best
offhand in the game. you will loose all other items doind so.
but this is no loss, the offhand itself is as strong as all your
other items together. you then have to farm your other items
again to get even stronger.
prepare for the very endboss, he will come in summer 2012
and he will show no mercy!
-I hope everything works fine, if not feel free to send me
replays or to write me anywhere :)

Changelog v1.2.05v

-reduced respawntime of ghosts
-reduced respawntime of spider eggs drastically
-changed some minor things

Changelog v1.2.05w

-the last quest for offhand works now completely!
-made a huge change with priests shield:
the priest shield slowed the attackspeed of bosses
by 25% and the movementspeed by holy crappy 50%!
this will now be removed because it made bosses way easier
than they actually are.
it now does not decrease the bosses ms, but it decreases
their as by 10%

Changelog v1.2.05x

-the last quest shouldn't bug your gold anymore
(pls let me know if it finally works for you!)
-rebalanced some high end items
-fixed some minor bugs

Changelog v1.2.05z

-fixed a bug where people did not take dmg
while fighting Lramon in specific phases
-fixed a typo in some item description
-introducing a new value, the "physical dmg"
Rogues and Hunters will now take profit
from their current physical dmg value.
Some spells will now have a base dmg, based
on this new value.
Overall this means, that rogues again got
buffed in an advanced scale, while hunters
stayed at their dmg output lvl.
In front of all i wanted the rogue to become
more useful than he was before.
The dmg output should be very high now,
making him a balanced fighter for your team.
The items which will increase your physical dmg
will also show this value in an index to the
bottom right of the item icon.
Your total physical dmg still is the amount
of dmg, shown in the Meele interface of the unit.
-there was a bug, where -cm caused crits
not to be shown at all. The problem is,
i do not know why, that cms over 3k wont work.
From now on, the maximum minimum crit will be 3k.

Changelog v1.3.27b

-Added the profession "enchanting"
-Rebalanced the whole game, to be
perfectly doable with four players,
but still being possible with three
and being easier with five people
-Overworked the save/load code,
it is shorter and mroe secure now
-Your load code will now be stored
in the folder "Savegames" in your
WC3 TFT folder.
-From now on, you cannot reenter
a bossfight when you die (does not
count for the first two bosses)
-Decreased cooldown of Holy touch
for priest
-Paladin is now able to tank also
in high end game, when skilled tanky
-Buffed Holy rain of paladin
-Buffed Lifedrain of Hellminder
-Buffed and balanced Last stand
for warrior
-Rebalanced the pacifist regarding
base stat gain and damage output
-Changed some base stats for
some heroes
-Weakened all heroes in beginning
of the game
-Replaced one useless ability
of the mage with a new awesome one
-Fixed vpd gain fpr hunter and rogue
-Buffed rogue again, i don't want melees
to be useless. You will need one ranged
dd for the hard bosses, but take one melee
for some extra dmg
-Scaled all abilities for rogue, hellminder,
hunter and shaman, to be more balanced
through the whole game
-Buffed shamans chainlightning
-Added some more items to all
areas of the game
-Improved the ability point fixer
-Changed and added a lot more small things,
i do not remember them anymore.
-Have fun, this is the new version, the endboss
will be added in about one week!
-Please let me know if you find any bugs!
You can contact me via PM.

Changelog v1.4.15c

-spell cast interruption fixed
-added final boss
-added custom interface
-new loading screen
-new preview image
-buffed paladins' platinum hull
-paladin now gains 3 str per lvl, up from 2.5
-rogue crit strike dmg(15%) increased to agix5 up from agix2
-rogue agi per lvl set to 4
-buffed feint damage
-mage now gains 9 int per lvl, up from 5
-mage has 9 base int, up from 5
-mage fireball cd reduced to 2.5 sec.
-hellminder - buffed bloody punch base damage
-hellminder - buffed veinkick drastically
-shadow priest damage of last revenge buffed hard
-shadow priest shadowbolt chance for aoe raised to 50%
-fixed fortified brain(caused shaman to freecast chainlightning)
-you cannot cheat-kill main bosses anymore
-fixed mana-reg for pacifist ultimate talent
-skilltree-shadow-priest: gains wisdom per level in addition
-skilltree-rogue: buffed for endgame
-skilltree-mage: buffed spelldamage gain
-skilltree-warrior: buffed crit chance
-increased enchanting foliants drop amount
-added 4 new items (endgame weapons)
-more efficient dmg calculation(different damage values are added up when they belong to the same spell or move. this will cause less dmg values on screen and higher values overall)
-boss hardmodes drop more gold and enchanting foliants
-some minor general improvements and bugfixes have been made

Changelog v1.4.16d

-added a few new items for early and mid game
-added a new shop in the valley of decay,
right in front of the entrance to the bossarea.
Lightbringer Mario will provide additional ways
of spending your endgame gold.
-added a 5% chance in each game to spawn
"Rift Hoppers". They drop one random item(any).
You will get a message at game start if there
are any spawns.
-fixed a severe bug, where Lramon would stay
invulnerable when wiping in 2 ad phase
-very high critical hits are now especially highlighted
-fixed a heavy bug, that calculated vpd slightly wrong in many cases
-fixed pacifist mana reg talent
-pacifist talents are now more useful on higher levels
-buffed dark servants from pacifist drastically
-fixed a heavy bug that made it impossible to for people
to save at level 39 while skipping level 38 with heavy xp
-buffed wisdom per level for hunter from 2.0 to 2.5
-buffed hunter talents
-hunter's crit chance passive proc chance has
been buffed from 26% to 76%
-unholy arrow's chance to deal agix3 extra damage has
been buffed to agix6 extra damage
-hellminder: heavily buffed bloody punch again
-hellminder: buffed damage of brutal thrust when having
more than 20 bloodpoints from herolvl/10 to herolvl/6
-added an item tooltip for the few special items that
cannot be worn by rogue, hellminder and
warrior(special thanks to SayonaraDatte)
-updated the information provided by "Keeper of Knowledge"
-fixed a fiew typos and grammar mistakes

Changelog v1.4.17k

-this little update tackles the rebalancing of the hunter,
since he has become weak after all the buffs of the other classes.
-unholy arrow now does 25% more damage whenever cast
on the same unit consecutively (stacks up to 60 times at level 60)
-"Critical shot" has been replaced with "Hunter presence", which has
the same effect as Critical shot, plus an increase of raw auto-attack

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Valley of Decay Rpg v1417k (Map)

22:53, 8th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
  1. TD_PRO_2006


    Oct 26, 2008
    i just didnt think of it the last years^^ and i wont make an update only for this, noone reads it anyways hehe :) except you! which i am glad of! :)
    for the last quest, you dont have to kill the endboss :)
  2. The Last RaNgeR

    The Last RaNgeR

    Oct 20, 2016
    yeye ofc
    and what does mean additional spelldmg? if it spelldmg from items than whats the diferense between base spelldmg and magic damage?
  3. TD_PRO_2006


    Oct 26, 2008
    let me try to explain, i hope it becomes clear :)
    every champion has abilities. there are two kinds of heroes, 1) rogue, hellminder, warrior, hunter. they do normal damage with their abilities. 2) there are the casters: paladin, mage, shaman, priest, pacifist. they deal double damage with abilities. now there is an attribute on items called "spelldamage". it gets added to the heroes spelldamage stat.(you can see it by typing -sd). this spelldamage is added to your abilities base damage when you use them. But only for specific heroes, who also use spelldamage: Priest, mage, paladin. And since ability damage for those three heroes is doubles, also the additional spelldmg is doubled when you use the abilities.
  4. The Last RaNgeR

    The Last RaNgeR

    Oct 20, 2016
    btw, u said that u was working on new rpg. is that true?
  5. TD_PRO_2006


    Oct 26, 2008
    I got a few started, but not finished projects :) maybe someday one of them becomes finished reality :p
    I got a Diablo2 wc3 map I have been working on recently. But too few time :(
  6. Sayonara


    Oct 8, 2011

    I have a few questions about your map:
    1) Where can I find Trollshaman? Quest in the first location
    2) Pacifist mana regeneration skill doesn`t work after loading the hero. It works when you play him the first time, but now, when I loading the hero and learning mana regenaration Skill - mana regen is about 1mana per 1-2 seconds on 47 Hero lvl.
    Looks like the formula 0.25*lvl is broken. My guess: "lvl" is counting as amount of levels you gained AFTER learned this skill, but not the Hero lvl.
  7. Sayonara


    Oct 8, 2011
    By the way, please fix "T" hot key for Pacifist :)

    I like your map very much. Thanks for your great work!
  8. TD_PRO_2006


    Oct 26, 2008
    hi :) thx! the pacifist mana reg bug is new! awesome :)
    the problem withthe T hotkey is old though, i cant do much about it. the kes is set right, but there are differences between english version of wc3 and all other versions.
    I got a german version and for me the hotkey works.
    what you can do about it: you can open the map(its unprotected) and change the hotkeys wherever they dont work and save. then play with that version :)

    oh and the troll shaman is right in the starting aera on the very right, you have to walk up a little hill (its slightly southeast of the cathedral.
  9. Sayonara


    Oct 8, 2011
    Near scorpions? Found him! Thanks!
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2016
  10. Sayonara


    Oct 8, 2011
    By the way, Harox`s drop list №1 and list №2 are exactly the same. Is it normal?
  11. TD_PRO_2006


    Oct 26, 2008
    yep thats normal :) Harox drops are not that exciting :p but the epic drop when you do it hardmode is :)

    Btw, when are you playing and where? Maybe i could join you for a few runs? :) Been a while sincei played and got in the mood.
  12. Sayonara


    Oct 8, 2011
    I`m from Russia (UTC+3 time zone), so... It will be very hard to find the right time to play together I guess. But we can try :)

    Playing through Garena. Or can you advice any other option?
  13. TD_PRO_2006


    Oct 26, 2008
    Dont have garena anymore hehe, but its no problem! :) garena is a good place to play.
    I dont know yet when i got time, maybe after new year
  14. Sayonara


    Oct 8, 2011
    We have 10 days holidays in Russia from 31st Dec to 9th Jan. I have enought time to play with you :)
  15. Sayonara


    Oct 8, 2011
    P.S.: Is it any chance that you will fix Pacifist mana regeneration? :rolleyes:
    Or just tell me how to fix it in the map by myself
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2016
  16. TD_PRO_2006


    Oct 26, 2008
    its just not worth it to make new version just for that :) its important that this version gets spread in the internet :)
    but i will show you how to fix it when we play together.
    i will also have time between 1st and 9th :)
  17. Sayonara


    Oct 8, 2011
    Happy New Year! :p

    Write me anytime to play together
  18. TD_PRO_2006


    Oct 26, 2008
    thx, happy new years to you too :)
    i will write you hehe.
  19. Lord_Marrowgrath


    Aug 23, 2011
    I'm fan of your map Valey of Decay ORPG and I review your map again.


    - It looks bad for me. I'm rpg lover but your map doesnt look like a orpg. Simple terraining kills orpg atmosphere for me.


    + So many Unique heroes to play. Good balanced spells. And I enjoyed on every character.
    + Dungeon/instance challanges pretty good. It needs tactics for every player in group.
    + Hundreds of unique items. So many items too powerfull :D
    - No singleplayer content. It's bad for single player. U cant improve, explore, or raiding on singleplayer. It seems boring.


    It's best dungeon challange map for me. Just need improves on landscape and single player content. Keep work! (5/5 for gameplay +rep)
  20. Sayonara


    Oct 8, 2011
    You should try Millenium RPG if you like Boss challenges.