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UV Mapping Tutorial [Request]

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Level 5
Aug 29, 2014

Can anyone give me a Tutorial Video on how to Make or Put a "UV Map" on the Model

Cause I really don't know how to make a UV map into the model.
I use MdlVis to do it but I can't, it just give me an error when I trying to Edit the model and planning to put a UV Map. :cry::sad:
Can anyone help me to my problem I really wan't your help and I'm hoping that
someone are willing to help me and share he/she know all about, I am very glad to accept your help. :thumbs_up::xxd::grin:

There are two Model Example, Included Textures

Btw.. I use "3D Object Converter" to convert the ".3DC and .3DO" into ".ASC" File
and after that I use "MilkShape 3D" to import the file and Edit it a little bit
then I save it as ".ms3d" and then I use "Magos Model Editor" to Convert the File
as ".mdx/mdl"

Those model that I use is taken from one of my favorite Online Game "Shaiya"

Sorry for Bad English


  • UV Mapping Tutorial Request.rar
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