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Uther vs God

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This map is open-sourced and may then be reuploaded and edited as you wish without my permission.
This is the first map I have made, and so I have worked long and hard to make it work, because I was unexperienced at the start. However, I do not mind if you consider it a bad map because I uploaded it for a friend. Also, I never intended to upload this, which explains the missing URL for a source.
This map is a timewaster, and therefore doesn't really require much of a description. It's based on God getting fed up with how the humans are treating the Earth and deciding to gang up on them with all the holies and stuff.
Usernames are spefic to this site, as all content is from this site (Hive Workshop).
Angel model by Tranquil, King model also by Tranquil, Nether Mage model by Pyramidhe@d, Civil War-ish Rifleman model by Cavman, Fire Dragon - Fire Blade model by General Frank, Mansion Gate model by Kitabatake, BTNOddSword icon by HappyTauren, BTNobleDagger icon by Static, BTNStaticBlade icon by Naro, BTNOrbVar2 icon by Big Dub and the BTNmarine icon by Riley. I'm sorry if I've left anyone out, I thank you all the same.
TARDIS sound effect from here: http://www.dwwa.net/tardis.htm Other Doctor Who sounds are downloaded from a site called Mondas Sound Effects which has been replaced by this mysterious site: http://www.mondas.org/soundmusic/soundmusic.htm, as I never intended this to be uploaded, at the time I downloaded the sounds I didnt collect the URL.
Thanks for considering this map for a download.
By the way, my username on Warcraft 3 is Doctor_Who2, so don't report me.

Doctor, Who, Custom, Content, Magic, God, Angel, End of the World, TARDIS, Heaven,

Uther vs God (Campaign)

16:05, 11th Jun 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 4
Apr 10, 2010
If you just uploaded this for friends, then you should post it up in your Pastebin. One map doesn't classify as a campaign...