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Used the Crow Form Height trick. Now need no collisions?

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Level 5
Sep 19, 2007
Hi, I've gotten my melee unit to fly using the Crow Form fly trick.

Unfortunately it seems that it is still colliding with buildings, trees, units, etc.

How can I remove these collisions? I'd also like to fly over water.

Any tips?

NOTE: I don't think ghost will work since I want to keep them visible. I'm comfortable with Jass.

EDIT2: The reason I'm doing this is because the crow form was causing crashes to the desktop. If anyone has details on what causes crow form to crash that would also be helpful.
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Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
I didnt even get what you want
If you want a flying unit all dragons and birds do fly in Wc3
If you want temporary flying add and REMOVE crow from from your unit
change its height
Disable its collision with a trigger (its under "Unit" you cant miss it)
then when you need to land
change height to 0
enable collision again (same trigger)

Crow Form trick isnt morphing the unit
You dont actually USE the crow form
You add it then REMOVE it
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