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Upgrade Effect: Hit Points Regeneration Bonus not working

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Hello guys,

I'm trying to make a custom upgrade that will provide a certain hero a Hit Points Regeneration Bonus.
For that, i am using the upgrade effect for Hit Points Regeneration (just like Troll Regeneration) and i want the upgrade to provide the hero with a 3 hit point regeneration bonus per second.

The problem is that i can't figure out what's wrong with this effect. The other effects seem to work (Hit points bonus, attack bonus, mana bonus ...) but this one doesn't work though i have tried multiple combinations between the upgrade effects' base and increment values. :cry:

For example let's take a look at Troll Regeneration:
- Hit Points Regeneration Bonus (%) - Base = 0.8
- Hit Points Regeneration Bonus (%) - Increment = 1
Does this mean that the Troll Headhunter will get a 0.8 Hit Points Regeneration Bonus? Then why this isn't working for me!

My main focus here to make a custom upgrade that will provide a certain hero these upgrades:
- 3 hit point regeneration bonus per second. (Like ring of regeneration)
- 25% bonus mana regeneration. (Like sobi mask)
- 20% attack speed bonus(Like gloves of haste)

The Mana Regeneration and Attack Speed bonus effects seem to work but the Hit Points Regeneration effects doesn't.

Thank you.
Level 40
Feb 27, 2007
I just tested this and it works for me, so you must have done something wrong. Despite the % sign in the troll headhunter upgrade it is actually that many hp per second, so 0.80 is 0.80 hp/second and the second data field is how much it goes up per upgrade level. I confirmed this by getting an archmage to 0 strength and 0 hp regen in the OE, then applying a 1.00/1.00 regen upgrade to it. It doesn't regen anything until you apply the upgrade and at that point it gains 1 hp per second.

Giving the hero an "Item Regeneration Bonus"-based ability with troll regen as a techtree requirement didn't seem to work as expected: it granted regen even before the upgrade was researched, so that 's a no-go. (yes I set check dependencies = true)

Here's a test map. Press escape once and troll regen is researched for you and it starts gaining HP at 1/second.


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