Upadoro TD v0.985

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Upadoro TD

This TD map offers survivor or team mode with up to 8 players having their own creeps, 11 races with totally 265 structures, bonus tower, 50 waves of creatures and 5 difficulties from easy to nightmare.

Important: Please delete all older versions of 0.97 than .97f because of the critical bugs!!!
Patch 1.24 Problem: Older versions than 0.97e won't work under patch 1.24!!!




-You receive gold from kills and at the end of a round.
-Every normal wave consists of 25 enemies per player.
-Every fifth wave is a boss level and consists of 15 enemies and 1 hero.
-There are 3 special waves for money. Leaks take no lives.
-There are a few waves with invisible units. You can see them with the paladin special tower and each race has one tower to see them.
-Special Item-Towers will be dropped by the bosses.
-The map has a own armor/damage type setting.

Solo Mode
-Every player plays his own difficult and creep waves
[box="Team" Mode]Rules:
-Same difficult for every player and all players have to finish the current wave
-It's not a real team mode but maybe a better choice if you are playing with friends
->no real team mode because every one still has his own way but you can help each other and send gold
-Easy: 85%hp, 35 lives, 90% sell
-Normal: 90%hp, 25 lives, 75% sell
-Hard: 95%hp, 10 lives (+5 in team mode), 50% sell
-Very Hard: 100%hp, 5 lives (+5 in team mode), 25% sell
-Nightmare: 100%hp, 10 lives(+5 in team mode), 25% sell. Enables the Soultemplar and Keepers but you must also fight stronger creeps! (Hint: See the Patchlog for a "How to".)

The Races

A small list of pros and contras for each race can by seen ingame.
The World of Warcraft race was my first race for this TD and somehow just for testing. Now it's more a fun race and contains towers from MC,BWL and AQ.
Outland Alliance
The Outland Alliance contains the bloodelf forces of Prince Kael'thas and the Nagas controlled by Lady Vashj. Their leader is Illidan under the cotroll of Kil'jaeden.
The scourge race contains some of the mightiest ingame towers. The scourge is commanded by Arthas and his minions.
Hint: Some of the Scourge towers need 4x4 squares.
Under the command of the druids and keepers the nature sends gnolls, trolls and spiders into battle.
Hint: The towers are not directly builded - build a dwelling and upgrade it
The demons are a part of the burning legion. They send phaseshifters which can create rifts and portals to summon more and stronger demons to unknown territory.
Hint: The towers are not directly builded - build a portal/rift and upgrade it
The creeps are tamed by mighty Tamers. They select the strongest creeps and lead them to battle.
Hint: The tamer requires upgrades from his tamer camp to build improved towers.
The goblins are very well known in all explosive things. They use rockets, mines and bombs to stop their enemies. Their leader is Armageddox who gives everything for a good war.
Hint: The goblins require upgrades from their HQ to build improved towers.
The underworld forces are commanded by Vor'tax the Shadowking. He leads his minions from the shadows to the mortal world. The underworld race has many powerful spells.
The nightelfs send their ambassadors to dangerous regions and they will decide which troops are needed for the battle. The nightelfs have powerful spells and strong creatures.
Daelin Proudmoore survived the battle with Rexxar and is now collecting new forces to lead his forces into battle for the one who pays the most money. They are also able to forge mighty weapons.
Soultemplar and Keeper
The Soultemplars were a secret order of the Silverhand. They devoted their lifes to the Soulpower, a power that inhabits every being, and they found a way to controll it. The Leaders of the Silverhand banished the Templars from the ranks of the Silverhand after their greed for the power has become to big and they started killing people and other beings to drain their power and convert it for their purposes. During and after the third war of Azeroth the public knowing about the Templars faded because they somehow disappeared and were rarely seen. There were only rumors about them left and the most common rumor was that they returned to their roots as paladins and use the Soulpower in addition to the power of the light. But they also had to survive and so they started to teach everyone who paid for it the use of Soulpower but never how to create it. These people and beings from every race and/or dimension became the Soulkeepers a mercanery like army that is lead by the Soultemplars. They fight to protect their knowledge, increase their might and prevent other forces from using the Soulpower. Now they return from their secret monastary because one who once belonged to them is unleashed and wants revenge for his banishment. The other races of Azeroth accepted their help for this fight even if no one knows their real plans..


A little prelude for the map.

What happend so far:
1 year ago: An unknown army lead by the Corrupted Council started an invasion in Azeroth. - They didn't conquer land but took thousands of prisoners.

10 months ago: Kil'jaeden discovered the real purpose behind the kidnapping of so many people and creatures. The Lichs of the Corrupted Council found the Prison of Upadoro, an ancient Demon Lord, in the Forgotten Plain of the four Edges. The Forgotten Plain is a small realm between Azeroth and the chaotic world of Upadoro. The goal of the Council is clear: They want to sacrifice all the prisoners and feed their souls to Upadoro so he can reopen the gate between the Forgotten Plain and his world.

6 months ago: The leaders of Azeroth met in a congress and decided that the most important issue of Azeroth will be the prevention of the ritual.

4 months ago: The Lichking found a clue of an Ancient Gate that leads from Azeroth to the Forgotten Plains in a book he had stolen from Dalaran.

3 months ago: The United Forces of Azeroth and even other races like the Demons agreed to plan and then start the offensive against the Corrupted Council.

2 weeks ago: The Council Forces at the Ancient Gate were slain. The Gate was still active but the connection between Azeroth and the Forgotten Plain was nearly gone.

Today: Azerothian reinforcments arrive at the Gate. Mages of every kind were able to empower the gate but it is still very weak and only allows a few troops to enter it one-by-one.


This list contains changes from the latest patches.

-Abilities based on bash had their stun duration reduced.
-Increased HP for waves in nightmare mode after round 20.
-Reduced the gold gain from creep kills in nightmare mode a little bit.
-Most keeper abilities in nightmare mode had their damage reduced.

#Bug Fixes#
-Fixed all known bugs related to new spell triggers.
-Changed the looking for Kazzak'doom when itemified to solve a problem that the item wasn't pickable.

#Bug Fixes#
-Fixed the phoenix wave and Demonic Illidan can't send eggs back anymore.
-Fixed the non ending spawn of the bonus waves final boss.
-Added a mana requirement to Mugg's "Eat" ability. So you can't itemify him and instantly reuse this ability.

#Extreme Mode#
-The extreme mode has been totally reworked.
-New name: Nightmare difficulty
-No autocast restrictions
-Features: Enables the Soultemplar (acutally just 1) and the 11 Soulkeepers. It also brings a full new set of stronger creeps with new abilities.
It also grants you access to the Soulpower resource which is gained via the Templar's aura.

How to play?
The nightmare difficulty is a little bit different to the other modes.
1. After picking your normal builder you will get a 2nd builder called Soultemplar Ambassador.
2. Use his item to place the Soultemplar Shrine and recrute your Templar. Place the Shrine/Templar at a good spot in your defense his aura gives you the needed Soulpower.
3. Build Soulkeeper and improve their abilities with your gained Soulpower to support your defense.
4. After every round your Templar gains 1 level and 1 skill point. Use the skill points.

-Added a chat command to toggle all autocasts on/off. Use -AC
-Totally reworked the autocast system (just the script, no change ingame) because some autocasts could fail due to the former too long trigger
-Removed the Mercenary save code system. They can now be directly picked
-Actually all terrain ripple or deformations are disabled. They can cause disconnects in rare cases
-I optimized the map for faster loading time but acutally it can't be opened in the editor
-And again many small changes and minor balancing

-Added a new summoning spell for the Demon God
-Reworked the spell of the Soulcollector/Harvester

-Added a start tower as item which offers upgrades to higher tiers to gain new towers

-Fixed some autocast issues (see general)

-The camera is now locked to the "game setter" until you pick a difficulty

-Fixed the chance that level 47 could stuck

-Works with 1.24
-Changed the mode and difficulty selection (spells in buildings, no dialog buttons)
-More spells and spells of summoned units are autocasted now
-Normal attacks now deal a little bit less damage against air units
-Added new abilities for some prisoner waves
-If you finished extreme mode and missed the bonus code it can now be reshown (type "-merccode")
-Many smaller changes

#Outland Alliance#
-New Tower: Bloodelf Sorcerress (upgrades from Bloodelf Archer)
-New Tower: Naga Bloodminion (upgrades from Naga Slave)
-Reduced the aoe range of every tower a little bit
-Automatic Recharger splitted in 2 upgrad level
-UT&Quake don't have the shock totem anymore. But they can be upgraded to learn it
#Special Towers#
-Hydralisk level 3 has a new spell (it disappears while on cooldown. so don't wonder)

#Bug Fixes#
-The first autocast of a tower is now delayed to prevent some towers getting stuck in order conflicts

-All bugs related to mobs getting stuck or running back should be fixed
-Some code improvements and a few little memory leaks removed

#WoW Race#
-The gamemaster can build a blizzard hq now. It offers upgrades
-Added a new tower to the troll hut to compensate a disadvantage against armored units
-Added a new spell to temple guard and holy guardian

-Lots of memory leaks fixed
-A last minute trigger change screwed up waves with casted abilities and made the whole game stop -> should be fixed now
-fixed the single player bug when not playing as red

---General Changes---
-nichts reworked all gamemode and gamehandler triggers to Jass and combined them in a few triggers
-Made the maze a bit shorter and little terrain changes
-Added a new game difficulty: Extreme (see the difficulties for info)
-Addes a 'range check' to every worker. It does now show the real range of tower but shows some circles with default ranges
-Creeps that cast something don't do it by them self now so that they need to stop. It's now dummy casted
-Reworked the bonus waves. You will maybe get fewer gold. But it's more balanced now.
-Added some in-game hints for 'secret' stuff
-Added a few possibilities to achieve bonus stuff:
->Winning very hard or extreme will give you a textcode to unlock 5 bonus waves
->Winning the extreme mode will give you a savecode for a new race
->Winning very hard or extreme with bonus waves enabled will give you a textcode for a bonus tower
->The codes can only be used in the first 5 minutes of a game!

---Race Changes---
-Added a new race: The Nightelfs. They can only be randomed.
-Added a new race: The Mercenaries. Win the extreme mode to achieve them.
-Added more spells to autocast
-Sapphiron now has a new spell 'frostbomb' (made by nichts)
-Acolytes now directly collect gold
-The army of the Lichking doesn't die anymore
-Patchwerk's hateful strike was kinda broken and now works again
-Molten Destroyer can now be upgraded to Golemagg
-Added a new summon spell to Nefarian and Nefarius
-Added the Chaos Warlord tower to the fel orc gateway.
-Demon Crystal can now be upgraded to a Greater Demon Crystal
-Fixed the build issue for Vor'tax and nightlord while Dalia is morphed
-weakened the Stone Golem
-Magnataur now has the multi shockwave to make him a bit more valuable
-Reworked the Scorpion to Crystal Scorpion with 2 new spells

---Misc Stuff---
-Added a spell to the Avatar Boss
-Added a new column to the multiboard which shows the current wave of each player
-All timers are now shown via the multiboard. The 'lumber timer' from 0.96 is now unused
-Bug fixes
-A lot of other small changes i can't remember

-Underworld race has been added. You can pick them by choosing the Underworld Ambassador
-Used custom model: DemonTower by HappyTauren
-known issue: while Royal Warden or Dalia are using the Shadow Soul you can not build or upgrade the Nightlord. just wait until the metamorph is over (maybe someone knows a way to solve that)

-every worker has a stack of "Tower Displacers" now. If you use the item it will create a summoning pedestal which has the size of a tower. the pedestal can "summon"; a tower to regain the build spot of the tower without selling it.

-added some summoning spells to autocast

-1 new "secret"

-a few little balance changes

-memory leak fixes (but i think there is still memory leak which will be needed to fix)

-fixed the spawn bug for player 8 (pink) - thanks to frozenfenrir
-archmage special tower still has the manaregaura but it does nothing and will be soon replaced by something else

-better minimap image
-custom loading screen

-lose and win cinematics can also be seen in solo mode
->new win cinematic

-reworked map balance, i think it's more difficult on all modes now
-changed easy values to 35 lives from 50 and sell to 90% from 100% and mob hp from 80% to 85%

-a lot of towers got slightly changed to fit the new balance. some towers got new abilities.
-Kil'jaeden and Nature worker start with a special tower like Tamer now. Nature tower has an attack so build it next to the way
-implemented 2 "secrets"

-many small changes and fixes



AncientExplode, DoomsDay, Nuke Model: WillTheAlMighty
Infernal Robot: Donut3.5
DemonTower, Power Lich: HappyTauren
BossOmega: Callahan
Bloodelfenwarrior: Appendix
SpiralAura: JetfangInferno
FireBlink: Pyritie
Demon Slasher: General Frank

BTNResurrect: Elenai
BTNAdvancedMoonGlaive: Mullar
BTNDemonTower: HappyTauren
BTNNukeBomb: MC!
BTNKingArthas: General Frank
BTNDragonStoneRainbow, BTNCRTaurUltimate: CrazyRussian
BTNShreddingTrap: ValkYron
BTNEgg: ?
BTNTechbeamblade: ?

Ascii+Codemaker+TimerUtils+CoolTimers+SimError: Vexorian
LinkedList: Ammorth
Perfect Unit Indexing: Cohadar
SpellEvent: Antiarf

JassNewGenPack: from www.wc3c.net
Vexorians Map Optimizer: Vexorian
Widgetizer: PitzerMike
Comments about balance, gameplay, bugs and typos are still needed.

Important Hint: This map has been optimized with widgetizer and mapoptimizer. So it's acutally "protected" and can't be opened in the editor. I will soon upload a normal version.

Upadoro TD v0.985 (Map)

09:59, 26th Oct 2008 Rui: The map required a category. I added one myself. "Upadoro TD" is a tower defense game - you must build towers in order to stop waves of creeps. I have reviewed version 0.96 of this map, and you may find the comment here...
Level 6
Feb 27, 2008
Wow. Just wow. I love this map.
I downloaded it a while ago and left hope since i couldn't find correct building spots and i was leaking too much, blaming it on the towers.

I just got back to it recently, and being enlightened by countless other TDs, i made a good strategy. It's... it's just beautiful. You actually need to think here instead of build a siege tower, anti air tower, aura towers and level up everything.

The abilities are simple (except the hydralisk mutation or whatever - i didn't finish reading the tooltip until he randomly cast it and the spell was gone >.<). Other than that, i loved every aspect of it. 5/5 fo sho.

Also, fix the tooltip of spiderlings :p (last time i checked, spiders aren't brutish orc warriors)
Level 6
Aug 19, 2006

just a little update:
I think I located some bugs from the last version. The most bugs are related to the new script of the spell system but I think I fixed them all now.
The only strange thing is still with towers which use shockwave spells. In my tests it works most of the time but in a few games it just wont work and I still can't see a reason for it.

But anyway after a few more tests I will upload the bug fixes. But I can't say when I can add more content.

@EMPerror: Which spiderling tool tip do you mean? I can't think of any tool tip where spiderlings are shown as orcs.

Version 0.985 has been released.
As you can see it still counts to 0.98 so there aren't much changes at all. The balance changes are just a little start and most of the work was bug fixing.
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Level 2
Jan 19, 2011
I have a feeling, this td is too easy, after some unsuccessful attempts I made it through all the difficulties choosing random builders (more leaks = goblins). Today gonna try 5 bonus waves.
1 things that makes me play this TD is pulsing crystal. I'm hopeless at it ) I suppose this hint is somehow connected with DIABLO (which I haven't played :( )?
Level 2
Jan 19, 2011
Can u plz say me that hint in p.m.? I'm tired of playing td, finally passed it on nightmare with 5 bonus levels

PS Archimonde is too overpowered + u'd better remove skill from Illidan (the first race) that summons monsters to the start. Cause 3-4 Illidans and u pass easily
Level 2
Jan 19, 2011
Nah, just type in the start 'Klaatu! Barada! Nichto!' for bonus levels
And 'ThereIsNoCowLevel' to receive special tower from 3rd boss (~2k dmg + big cd useless skill)
Level 1
Mar 25, 2011
The pulsing crystal needs to be combined with the lifeless stone, which is a tiny stone that can be found in the creep zone near some corner of the map, to create the 2nd golem with high damage and bash ability...
Level 1
Mar 29, 2011

Ok, so i can beat this map on nightmare or very hard with any race except the mercs who seem a little underpowered on air waves otherwise good, this includes the secret race which is interesting but not really any outstanding mechanics. Also the difficulty increase of nightmare doesnt seem balanced to the power of the soul templars. Secrets ive unlocked are the 5 bonus waves, The cow king, Muggs fish, stone tower, and holy crusader, Ive been told there is a secret race you can unlock(other than the one that can be randomed) wondering if that is done with the mercs because ive beat it with everything else.
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Level 2
May 18, 2009
Mercs seem underpowered to you? I think they are ok, but deamons seem underpowered to me. I cannot win with them even on the hard difficulty whereas i can win on any difficulty with all the others.. Also nightmare seems easier then very hard to me because of the new towers (Especialy Shaman kills just everything =) )
Level 1
Mar 29, 2011
Mercs seem underpowered to you? I think they are ok, but deamons seem underpowered to me. I cannot win with them even on the hard difficulty whereas i can win on any difficulty with all the others.. Also nightmare seems easier then very hard to me because of the new towers (Especialy Shaman kills just everything =) )

True enough daemon is a strange one, also i did mention that the soul templars arent balanced in comparison to the difficulty increase or i said difficulty wasnt balanced to the templar either way its the same
Level 1
Sep 20, 2009
The demon race is absolutely fucking terrible, i random every game hoping for the secret race, never get it, and end up getting the demons. no matter how hard I try, I can't not get past like, wave 5 with that race.
Level 1
Mar 29, 2011
You cannot build it the same as you would the other races, i always have to spam the slow poison satyrs early then do teching later
Level 6
Feb 27, 2008
Well, i just finished this on the hardest difficulty with the underworld guys. And yea, once you know what to do, it's real easy. Tip : Choose towers that are good early AND late, and build several of them early game (towers with AOE stuns, slows, stuff like that).

Anyway, what i really loved about this TD is that there seems to be like some sort of a teamwork between towers. All towers do mediocre damage, but when combined, they do enough to kill waves. Decent micro is also required, which i also like. The soultemplar idea is also nice.
I also like the way difficulty varies. In other words - how harder difficulties are just more risky and require more planning, unlike other TDs where the creeps just get stronger.

What i don't like is that it's kinda hard to start off. Both starting off in a game, and starting to learn how to play it (what towers are good, where to place them etc.). I'd like to see some sort of a list of towers so when i play a different race, i don't have to play 5 times to see which towers are good.
Also i think you should allow soultemplars in easier modes as well, but make it harder to get soulpower.
And finally, the morale idea for the latest race is not a good one. It promotes randomness to a TD which is based on strategy and good placement. It's just, no matter how good you place your towers, you can still lose if your vital towers go afk.

All in all, it's a great game, i love it. Please continue updating it :)

also Klaatu :3
Level 6
Aug 19, 2006
hey everyone,

didn't watched this forum sometimes (again). But it looks like there is still some interest in this map and that the balance is still the biggest critic point of the map.
If I find some time upside from work I will try to make some balance changes again and maybe to add some little stuff and finish this map finally to version 1.0.

thanks for your usefull comment
the idea of the "moral" for the mercenary race has the background that the tower or "units" are of very different races and that they dont have a good teamwork as an army but as you are upgrading and finally building a castle they feel like finally united and the bad moral debuff will be removed.
Level 5
Jul 27, 2010
Hey, what to do with the crystal?

Edit: Ah, nvm I found out. I would find it nice if you could use the crstal on other things, too. So you could decide wether you want to get a stone golem or a snowman (there are many snowmen in this map) or maybe something else.

The layout of the maze isnt so good. All towers have >500 range, so it is most usefull to place the towers all in the mid to shot most often (nearly without a pause).
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Level 1
Jun 29, 2011
Hey guys ! I need your help , i'm looking on this map for 2 hours now , after finishing and killing all 50 waves on easy mode, including the boss on level 50 , and it happend nothing , and i cannot tell if it's a bug or must i do or combine something like the crystal ... i'm confused
Please help me , regards !
Level 1
Aug 31, 2011
This map is awesome one of best tds.Still no idea how to use , COW KING ability ( chat gem ) One thing i dont like is map way 2 easy , right now i play only in very hard(55 levels) mode and i try to master all races
Night elfs (very hard mode ) - easy i made it in 1st attempt ..
Nature (very hard mode ) - 1-2 attemps and i did it..
mercen (very hard mode ) 4-5 attemps and i did it ..
Demons ( very hard mode ) this is a challenge :) took arround 8-10 attempts to finish

There is one common bug where u are still fighting last boss and game ends.
Level 1
Sep 13, 2011
hey can anyone tell me what to do with the chat gem on the cowking tower? i have tried clicking it on and off far more than 50 times and nothing has happened. also what is the holy crusader tower?
how many secrets are there in this map? so far i have the bonus five levels, the fish for mug, the cowking tower and the stone golem.
any help would be appreciated:)
Level 6
Aug 19, 2006
Hey all,

just wanted to say that me old pc totaly crashed and I lost all my progress data for a new version and because I didnt take any notes I forgot which balance changes I did ...

But I think I will release a small patch with a few important changes I remember.

@chat gem question
If you know the chat gem from Blizzards Battle.net you will easily find out what the chat gem does

@last boss bug
I never saw this bug for myself can anyone who crossed this bug tell me if it happens in any situation you can reconstruct?

@holy crusader
its one of the secrets. so he exists but you have to find out how to get him
Level 1
Sep 13, 2011
yeah i worked out the holy crusader tower, where can i work out what the chat gem does, i have no idea what you are referring to lol and are there any other secrets that hadn't been mentioned?
Level 1
Jan 24, 2012
I played in nightmare mode with the 2 codes Klaatu!... and ThereIs... and after killing the final boss, i still didn't received anything called the "save code" for the Mercenaries race , like you said ? I'm wondering how to unlock that race ? T.T
But anw, great map, gj man
Level 1
Aug 7, 2017
I've been playing this TD often and I love it, from the diversity to the challenge, although I've beaten it in Nightmare with Lich King (still going to try other races). About these, I believe this race is bugged (for the better), since the attack speed aura that should work only at night stays active throughout the whole day, making it a permanent buff.

I've also been trying to unlock all the secrets. I've got the cow level, Cortas, the 5 bonus wave and fish (contact in PM if you want to know). I've seen the lifeless stone in a corner, but I can't reach it unless I play as green (spawning in the lifeless stone square). There certainly must be a way to obtain it from every spawn position, but both workers (race + soul templar) can't move there. How? :(

Besides, I never seen the codes for unlocking mercenaries. How can they be acquired?
Level 1
May 30, 2021
Love this td, i discovered it few weeks ago and i can't stop playing it solo. I've discovered the Paladin/ Crusader secret, the cow tower, but i struggle with lifeless stone, i can't find it anywere on the map. Also with Gem Chat i've spammed it but nothing, i get the refererence to Diablo but nothing happens

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