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Apr 8, 2007
Far Cry


A project by TotalWarrior/drater

I have been thinking and have decided to brainstorm about a map named Far Cry. I've been playing both Far Cry and Far Cry 2 for the past months stopping and continuing playing. Since no one has made a Warcraft project on Far Cry I thought I would start. If you are not familiar with the Far Cry games check them out. Anyways, I started thinking about the setting of the map. Terrain, environment, etc. I decided that my map will not have the plot/setting of the first Far Cry game but the second. The second game has a much larger environment with beautiful scenery which is Africa.

Possible Features

I am thinking of having a HUGE playable area. The actual game allows you to have complete freedom, you can go where ever you want and do whatever you want. The game's playable area is 20 square miles. Full of desert, cliffs, rocky mountains, jungles, rivers, roads, etc. I really want to have a beautiful environment that is not empty.

A hard decision would be how the player will interact(move the character, camera control etc). I was thinking of either an First Person Shooter like game or a Third Person Shooter. Using W,A,S,D and using the mouse to shoot. This will require a lot of JASS and will use RtC(Reinventing the Craft).

As for resources in game, everything in the game must be bought with diamons which are in brief cases scattered all around the playable area.


The player will have a realistic inventory as well. As well as almost ALL the kinds of weaponry we know of today. Machine guns, pistols, SMGs, shotguns, rocket launchers, explosives and detonators, flamethrowers, the player can even use the environment as a weapon like burning grass to kill his/her enemies.
The player can only hold:
1 Primary weapon(shotguns, machine guns etc)
1 Secondary weapon(pistoles etc)
1 Support weapon(rocket launcher, heavy machine gun etc)
4 Frag grenades
4 Molotovs
2 or 3 uses of special equipment(C4 etc)
A machete
Weapon addons(extra bullets, silensers etc)


The game will have a healing system. The player will have to use needles that heal to full health when used. The player will get about 5 uses. The player will also have to contain malaria that the character has. Malaria in this game can be contained by completing special missions that will earn you some pills. Whenever the Malaria appears the player's character will get an aura of some sort and will become slow. Malaria will be temporarily contained by using these pills.


The player will have transportation as well. The player will get to drive cars, dune buggies, jeeps with machine gun turrets, and boats. If the player doesn't want to drive far to their destination they can drive to the nearest bus stop and take a bus to the nearest town/village that is closest to their destination.


The player will go through all kinds of missions such as raiding a fort, ambushing a convoy, assassination, infiltration, doing things for the civilians and much much more.


A lot more will be added to this thread so for now tell me what you think so far. I like to hear feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

I definitely need to put a team together. This will be a VERY big map. Almost every sound will be custom. There will be many custom models that will need to be done. Voice acting for some characters will be needed. Many different doodads will be made. I will need all kinds of people who are up for it. Terrainers, modelers, people that are good with JASS, MUI, GUI. I am not %100 sure about RtC but it is very likely.

If you are interested and want to start this project with me feel free to send me a private message. I will accept and setting/scenery/story ideas as well.

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Well GL with the project, if you need any small systems (GUI) I can probably do a few.
(Like the malaria system)
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Apr 8, 2007
Thank you. The project is starting and I am still planning and thinking of ideas. When I get to actually creating the map I will contact you.
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