Reforged Units are composed of multiple models in reforged

Level 2
Jan 25, 2020
I found this out when I needed to make a unit not movable. It is done with this custom script:

  • Custom script: call UnitRemoveAbility(GetLastCreatedUnit(), 'Amov' )
This does it for last created unit.

In the old version nothing in the model can rotate, so when it attacks it always makes the animation in the direction that it was created, even though the thing it is attacking is in another direction.

So in Reforged the "body" of a unit is separated from the accessories, and the "body" can apparently rotate to face the target but not the accessories. So you get some pretty ghostly action, have only tried it with archer and footman, but I can imagine some models looking quite hilarious.

Don't know if this also happens if it is a building instead of removing the movability, hopefully not.
Reforged model.png
Level 8
Mar 28, 2008
This doesn't happen if you turn the unit into a building. Been playing TD maps that use units as buildings, and they don't turn.
Might need to do some thorough testing to see how these models work. If it's just the weapons/attachments that are separate models, this could be useful for easily swapping weapons/attachments for units without needing entirely new models.