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Unit classifications and target types

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I need some info about unit classifications and target types. This is what I know so far
how different classifications affect units

Ancient - Causes the night elf worker to disappear when finishing constructing. Maybe also the only way to make work the root ability correctly (didn't try)

Giant - ??

Mechanical - Causes the unit to burn if heavily damaged, sound always, fire if the correct attachments are present in the model. Also serves as a filtering classification for the most spells and abilities.

Neutral - ??

Suicidal - ??

Summoned - Allows to some dispel spells to cause direct damage on these kind of units.

Tauren - Only legal target for the ancestral spirit ability.

Town Hall - To mark the unit as a gathering point for the AI and used by some melee rules.

Tree - This looks odd for me, as tree is a destructible, not a unit.

Undead - Another filter for some spells and abilities which sadly can't be changed in abilities data fields.

Walkable - ?? Shouldn't be this also a destructible?

Ward - Removes the commands panel

Worker - Disables auto attack, appearing the icon when idle (current order is stop), AI recognization

This classifications are connected also with targets allowed. For some odd reason, if the unit will not be targetable in any way if the classification won't be ground, air, structure or ward. That makes the 'Targeted as' field a not fully functional, as hero clasification is only determined if the whole unit itself is based on a hero unit and mechanical, ancient target type is checked solely in 'Unit classification' field. I didn't test with all spells though. Similarly, probably also with destructibles work only tree, debris, wall and bridge.

If you don't want to read and trying to understand what I want to know, in short, I want more target filters for some abilities without overriding some essential classification such as Mechanical.
Not open for further replies.