Ultimate Honor-Ultimate Battle 1.31a

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After long battle against Scourge, Azeroth is finally in peace once again and united. however portals to other worlds still exist and so again old threats against Azeroth attempt to conquer their world once again, and so battle begins...

United Azeroth forward base is leaded from Witch Doctor who want push enemy forces where they came from.

Same time Blackrock Clan's Warmarshal called Naga Sea Singer is also sending more and more forces to battle, defeat is not acceptable.

Both sides notice Obelisks what grant powers for those who claim them. Massive Siege Golems, powerful weapons and armors.

Empty slots can be filled with computer players to get good challenge, however it is recommended to play it with real people over Battle.net after experiencing with basics.

One common thing what this map usually gets is more and more items. Items like Repair Hammer what can use ability what repair tower over time is nice to have.

Slay enemy leader to win. However each destroyed enemy Boulder Tower and Barracks buff your leader's HP, making it harder to enemy take your side's leader harder to beat.

Leaders Charge
After 30 min, both bases leaders are ordered to meet in center and fight.

Not just 4 ability heroes
Heroes got book what let them use 10 different spells over time. Via leveling heroes can be made to pick new skills or upgrade existing skills.

Map got three Obelisks, Obelisk of Damage (+25% global damage for side), Obelisk of Defense (+5 global armor for side) and Obelisk of Siege (spawn Siege Golem for all three lanes).

- AI heroes now re-spawn again.

- AI improved.
- Fixed some memory leaks.
- Charged items now stack.
- Some other changes.

- Fixed some bugs.

- AI improved.
- Mask of Knowledge ability cooldown is now 90 seconds.
- First and Second Guardian have now spell immunity.
- New recipe item.
- Towers giving multiple times more honor than intended when destroyed is now fixed.
- Chaos Mask Recipe now gives correct item.
- Skeleton Hero's Leeching Bone now works.
- Some other changes.
- Some other bug fixes.

- Minor change to map name.
- Map expanded to north and south (additional harder areas to creep).
- If try to buy recipe without required items, player get honor back.

- Even more text colored.
- It is now possible to buy honor with 500 gold per honor.
- Fixed text spam bug what appeared when Boulder Tower was destroyed.
- Some other changes.

- AI Improved.
- Boulder Towers now grant honor.
- Few creeps in forests now grant honor.
- Creeps with honor bounty does more damage.
- Some other changes.

v1.17 - v1.22
- Added new game mode called Super Heroes.
- Some recipe items added.
- Many item names are now colored based to their quality.
- Hero tooltips are now colored.
- Repair Hammer is now called Rusty Hammer.
- Health Fountains in both bases now also protect players if enemy unit or hero get too close.
- Some new abilities for heroes.
- Heroes HP greatly increased.
- Unit upgrades.
- Now United Azeroth and Blackrock Clan have different looking heroes.
- Better AI.
- Some other changes.

v1.15 (Previous released version here is v1.11)
- New abilities for heroes.
- Many new units in attack waves (Wardens and more).
- Made base merchants to be more easily noticeable.
- Corrected Super Wraith's bounty.
- Wraiths and Super Wraith no longer have magic immunity.
- Now both leaders start with full mana.
- Random units spawn for United Azeroth and Blackrock Clan.
- New item.
- Mercenary camp, near Obelisk of Siege.

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Ultimate Honor-Ultimate Battle 1.31a (Map)

1)ark_NiTe: Just another DoTA rip. It is not poorly made though, and despite a few errors is moderately entertaining. I do, however, think that the AI is a nice addition and is actually very well made. Good job on that.




1)ark_NiTe: Just another DoTA rip. It is not poorly made though, and despite a few errors is moderately entertaining. I do, however, think that the AI is a nice addition and is actually very well made. Good job on that.
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Jun 1, 2006
@ 1)ark_NiTe: Have you ever played dota? this is nothing like it. (A) The leaders system is a completley different way to win then how you win and dota, not to ment much more creative, (B)10 different spells per hero? That doesnt sound like dota at all, infact an aos with a spell book per each hero is awsome, and (C) Obelisks are an incredibly cool twist. The only part of this map liek dota is the way its shaped... which doesnt belong to dota anyway.
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Oct 9, 2004

- Two new ranged heroes added.
- Second and third boulder towers buffed.
- It now takes 15 seconds before hero can be summoned after match begin.
- Leaders Charge now begins countdown when first hero is summoned.

Map name is now changed to possibly better.
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Sep 6, 2007
Hmm... Going to play this now and tell you my thoughts later ><

Edit: This map isn't that great :D

It sure could use a hotkey for the spell book and some more heroes. The AI also sux big time and the weapon upgrade system doesn't work/even if it works I didn't find any info in the map on how can I do it.

The map also seems to have many memory leaks, because it spikes sometimes. The item shops are very strange too and have strange items. The map also contains a lot of grammatical errors.

The spells on the heroes are also too simple/not triggered/have the same names as the ladder versions.

I thought every hero will have an unique set of spells, but hey just plainly suck :S

The terrain could use a LOT of work. And how do I get to the boss arenas? I didn't find that too. Also the AI should have a name, not simply player 6/7. Could at least call them AI player or computer.

I give this map a rating 2/5 - lacking, because it lacks a lot of work.

Fix as many things as you can please, increase the number of heroes maybe, or even better, rework the existing ones and make all the skills more interesting. You could also improve the terrain, make it more random.

Use this source to try and remove memory leaks, but spikes like that are usually indicators of bad triggers:


I haven't voted yet. Try your best to improve your map, then call me if you want to and I'll take a look and vote for real.

This has been a review by: SomaZ *meister
P.S. Good luck!
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Oct 9, 2004
When you upgrade you need to have patience, base actually upgrade those weapons and armors with upgrade time. Pay attention Blacksmiths and War Mills activity when you order to upgrade something.

My maps like Arthas Arena 2 is memory leak free and in this map (Ultimate Hnonor) I have removed memory leaks from things what get used most (things what you should not really notice and is ran only few times during match has no real performance impact, I really removed memory leaks from important triggers.

Well I know that some like excellent AI for custom maps but really. AI is sometimes what slowly is improved and quite low priority since it is after all meant to be testing enemy mostly and this map is meant to be played mainly battle.net if want "difficult match" to win.

You should really try map better before rating somewhat, get real feel and I'm amazed that you failed to find waterway to get challenge those bosses (awareness). However that is one way to view map and I don't try to force anybody to change their views from this map.