Warcraft IV, The Ultimate Battle

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This campaing is not related with WOW, its an alternative end that i gave to Warcraft TFT a few years ago...

Its for the ones that likes cinematics and the storyline, but it has gameplay.
Its very veery shor, longs no more than 10 minutes.

When i did the maps, my english was a bit weak :p ahah and you may find strange triggers :O
Worry not, give it a chance. it last less than 10 minutes.


To make it work, paste the campaing in C:\Archivos de programa\WIII\Campaigns for defect.


God watch over you, my childs

Warcraft IV 4 Ultimate Battle Campaign

Warcraft IV, The Ultimate Battle (Campaign)

14:27, 1st Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
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Aug 29, 2007
you know blizzard aint making wc4 but some people at http://wowinwc3.forumcircle.com/portal.php have gotten permission to do it themself
Blizzard hasn't said they wont do Warcraft 4. Actually I think they'll make it after what they are doing right now (Starcraft 2 (+expansions), Diablo 3 to mention known projects)
On topic:
Downloading campaign, will put up a review when done.
It was an okay campaign. Nothing special I'd say, and the english grammar and spelling really didn't help that feeling.
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Mar 6, 2008
I like the idea, but the way campaign looks is not that much good. You should put more effort in it mate. For example, search for grammar mistakes and fix them, after that rework some of the terrain on all maps, and fix some bugs in triggers. After you do that, it'll be much better. Anyways, keep up the good work. ;) (2.5/5)
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Mar 31, 2009
Is this supposed to be all cinematics or be a game?
Having five seconds of playing then going back to a cinematic is just annoying.

The english in this map is horrible, and you've got characters saying things to each other that they wouldn't normally say "Cmon, milady, gotta go" to list a few.
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Jun 21, 2010
I dont like the campaign. 3/5

But nice map making

Oh an at Chapter 4, When you want to reach Kael the route is blocked, and if i want to go with sea to Kael its blocked also.
As a member of the Group Map Reviewers, I will be reviewing campaigns/cinematics :

Review - Warcraft IV, The Ultimate Battle

A campaign by Pitiun1992

Camera :

The camera work is not good at all, the camera should always be moving.

Terrain :

The terrain needs a lot of improvements, some spots are too flat, you've used blizzard cliffs, just trees and you've spammed cinematic doodads.

Story :

The story is just boring, the story telling is terrible,

Animations :

I don't think you used animations while there was a conversation.

Gameplay :

The spells are not custom, you've used active spell icons for passive spells, you start at level 10 for no reason, the foes are boring, etc.

Other :

There are several Typos.
There are grammar mistakes.
No preview image.

Hiveworkshop :

You have written an acceptable description, but it lacks many things.

Overall :

This campaign is just made in less than 2 hours I guess, which isn't good at all.

Final Rating : 1/5
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