Warcraft IV The Ultimate Battle

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This campaing is not related with WOW, its an alternative end that i gave to Warcraft TFT a few years ago...

Its for the ones that likes the storyline, it lacks a bit of gameplay.
Its very short, last less than 10 minutes.

Give it a chance. And a feedback please.


To make it work, paste the campaing in C:\Archivos de programa\WIII\Campaigns for defect.


God watch over you, my childs

Warcraft IV 4 Campaign Story Kael Illidan Vashj Blood Elves Nagas

Warcraft IV The Ultimate Battle (Campaign)

05:32, 25th Jan 2011 Cweener: Rejected Nudity in the loading screen. And just general bad quality. GhostThruster's post about sums it up.




05:32, 25th Jan 2011
Cweener: Rejected
Nudity in the loading screen.
And just general bad quality.
GhostThruster's post about sums it up.
I didn't play through all the map, but I'll give a review based on the furthest I got.

Atmosphere - 1/5, although the terrain seemed 'Blizzardy' enough, there were some bad bits, especially near the shores of water, the UI was the same-old-same-old, however the thing that really got me is the loading screen. Now I'd tolerate some artisticness, but that's a freaking cartoon porn that has nothing to do with the campaign aside from including Kael and Vashj.
Gameplay - 3/5, it doesn't attempt to do 'too much', sticking to the old Wc3 style, which is known to work. However, the abilities definitely needed more originality.
Fun - 2/5, you should include more base-building, I mean, it's Wc3 for god's sakes. Apart from that, it was average.
Storyline - 2/5, kinda gay, how Tyrande just says 'Lets revive him'. Really? And how did they encounter Maiev? She is trapped in Outland and possibly killed, play TFT again.
Cinematics - 2/5, there are like 3 in a row in the beginning. And the cameras isn't that good. In the level where they first meet Maiev, the camera when following Vashj goes through a heap of trees. Also, the dialogue is lacking; 'Lets go, CMON!!!'
Overall - 10/25 = 2/5. It needs alot of improvement. I shall not vote as of yet.
Level 1
Jan 8, 2011
the campaign lags at me at the end of chapter 1 after the cinematic Pact with Kil'jaeden. Why ? i thought it was my version of warcraft but i changed many of them and nothing happened.... Please reply i want to end this !
Level 12
Jun 10, 2008
So I've played through it despite the comments. I'm not gonna go in debt in my rating, since theres obviously no point given that I'm giving you 1/5 and Reporting
Level 1
Aug 12, 2010
No, not couse of the porn!
I just want to know how this 1 ends.
I played it some time before,
and i really liked it.
I am a HUGE fan of made up maps,
and specially the ones with a good story.
and i did 5/5 couse i am not a critic.:ogre_haosis:

so when are you going to work at the next part????:grin: