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[Aeon of Strife] Two Lane City Defence

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Level 1
Dec 28, 2018

Welcome to my first map :) It's an AoS style map. The shamans of the Blackrock clan have spoken. The orcs hunger for vengeance for the loss of their brothers at Strahnbrad. They set up camp at both sides of the important city and are ready to launch the invasion. Up to 4 players take over the role of the attacking officers, whereas up to 4 player will take control over defending heroes.

WC3ScrnShot_122818_012535_02.jpg WC3ScrnShot_122818_012647_03.jpg


-- For the attacker faction: destroy the sacred fountain of life Right in the heart of the city.
-- For the defencer faction: destroy both enemy barracks, located in each enemy camp west and east of the city.

WC3ScrnShot_122818_012837_09.jpg WC3ScrnShot_122818_012658_04.jpg


-- 8 custom heroes (custom abilities, custom stats)
-- tavern hero selection system
-- backdooring System
-- unit spawning and upgrade system
-- a very simple item upgrade (recipe) system
-- mostly imported custom spells (SSP, …) and some self-made spells
-- jungle (with chainsaw wielding dudes :D )
-- fully functioning multiboard
-- full GUI triggered AI (move, heal, buy, attack) (tremendously stupid …)
-- test mode

WC3ScrnShot_122818_012727_06.jpg WC3ScrnShot_122818_012803_08.jpg


-- proper balancing of literally everything
-- more Terrain work to do
-- ability of the AI to cast spells
-- more specific AI item builds
-- different models for jungle creeps and jungle camps, jungling rewards (buffs, …)
-- proper check for leaks

DoP_ScreenShot_1.jpg WC3ScrnShot_122818_012740_07.jpg

Any help is greatly appreciated :) Please give comments and suggestions.


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Level 4
Jul 27, 2017
Hi Joe S,
i played one round for a little test so here are some ideas:

- creeps: You can always use units like Gnolls, Trolls, Ogres and the other default stuff
- The city gates: There is a trigger function to open gates --> looks nicer than the destroyed
- The environment: i think that it mostly looks good enough, maybe use also other trees (e.g. Lordaron Summer) outside the city.
- Some strange parts of the environment: The wall (this is not like walls usually look like), the graveyard in the city (bodies on spears and roots of trees), the borders (maybe use borders to mark everything that is not intended to play which would be the other side of the river sorounding the jungle)
- Lokalization: I think you know that there are still some german names, also the Upgrade-Names could have some space characters ("Health Upgrade" instead of "HPUpgrade")

- bug (?): You can destroy bridges with skills, maybe make bridges invulnerable, this also bugs some units standing on the bridge when it dies
- You can buy stuff from the enemies shop: seems a bit strange. Also the city has no beer-Panda

Some balance stuff:
I don't really like invulnerable towers that need towers in front of them to be destroyed. This leads to some strange situations. E.g. bridge is destroyed and you have to kill towers on your own, one barrack is destroyed and units go through the portal and cannot hit anything.
Increasing strength of minions: Seems good.
Skill-Balancing is something i can't talk about after just one round, so just a few talks:
I didn't used much skills, mostly autohits, also since Mana Regen was a bit low (maybe i just didn't bought the right equip)
I played the blood elf officer: He could work as some sort of glass canon: His Razor-skill deals much damage but he is quite vulnerable (should be good). His Bladeprotection hasn't attacked any units next to him.
It is interesting that there are not Ultimate skills and just 4 common skills. It is a valid design decision in my opinion but it feels a bit strange.

Towers are quite weak and can easily be destroyed by one hero if no other units come (happens in Mid-game)
Starting Gold is quite high with 4k and those prices.

Also it feels also to work for people playing it the first time which is very important for me since it is very annoying if you have no idea what to do in a new map.

In short words: The map is interesting and seems to have potential.
Since i have little experience with Aeon of Strife maps, maybe also another member could give some feedback.
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