tutorial of basics

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Level 7
Feb 14, 2008
I have only just decided to get started a bit on sc2 mapmaking. but i have no idea at all what i am doing. this is pretty much my first time touching it.

so i am curious what the most basic tutorials is to begin with. with addition to extremely basic object, jass, terraining and such?

i looked through the tutorial section, and it is almost entirely very specific things for ppl who actually know how to use the editor.
To be quite frank, you should probably learn the wc3 WE.
If you already know how to do that, most of it's the same, just different icons.
The one biggest change to terraining you will notice is the terrain no longer works by assigning specific tiles to single squares of terrain. It's now more like a photoshop when it comes to assigning terrain than anything else.
You're just going to have to do what we've all had to do in our past. Fiddle with it, learn from mistakes, and try new things.
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