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Trilogies rve loot

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Level 2
Jan 13, 2011
In twilights eve, the way you receive loot is, when you kill a boss you are teleported to a zone where a item spawns depending on what boss your killed. Each player has it's own area, and receives random item of 8 different ones. Yet I do not know how this works.

Eg// player: a, along we other members kill boss a. Player a is teleported to loot zone 1 and a fate is spawned out of the other 7 items.

Also, before you enter the raid you must gather in a zone: and type enter all players in that zone teleport to raid area. I also don't know how to make it so only those in the raid are teleported to loot zone and a item only spawns for them.

Such as group a kill boss a and group b kill boss b. Both groups are teleported to Loot zone. Group b gain boss b loot and group a receive boss a loots. And if I dun make it properly it may go group a receive both boss a and b loot.
Level 5
Nov 30, 2010
For the first one (the item one), make a trigger that goes off when the boss dies. Then send all the players to their zone with move unit instantly action and create the items there depending on what boss they killed.

For the raid one, make a trigger that goes off when player red types enter. Then move all units on the raid zone (region) to the raid place.

Should be easy.
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
Map attached.

Info about the system:
  • You cannot enter a dungeon while someone is still inside (or still looting the dungeon).
  • When you clear a dungeon, you always get the same loot (that's how I remember Twilight Eve's system, but I can be wrong).
  • When a dungeon is done, it resets (this saves: unit, unit position, unit facing - couldn't think of anything else).
  • I used some JASS, but everything is in GUI-form and whenever I use JASS, it means you don't have to touch it either way.
  • Every player can only loot 1 item.
  • This hasn't been tested in multi-player.
That's all I can come up with for the moment.
I suggest you try it out and post your suggestions here.

I hope you understand the setup-trigger ("Init Variables" I believe), it's the main thing you need to edit.
The other (small) thing you need to edit is the player which controls all dungeon creeps (in the next trigger).
You don't need to change anything else iirc.

- Only 1 random drop per dungeon.
- Dungeon creeps hero levels save


  • DungeonLoot.w3x
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Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
Ohh, excuse me... must've mixed it up with another map (Defiance ORPG or something probably, weird since I have 3 max characters in Twilight's Eve - but then again, I had at least 4 high-level chars in Def ORPG).

Either way, I changed the system so you only get 1 out of X amount of items (X can be anything).
I also made hero levels save (so if a dungeon resets, the hero levels will be the same as it was initially).

I updated my previous post (you can find the new version there).
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