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Triggers & Scripts Mini-Contests Theme Poll

Triggers & Scripts Mini Contest Theme

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Level 22
Dec 31, 2006
I decided to make this poll to make it easier for the moderators to find a theme for us.

Day/Night: Anything related to Day or Night, like a spell that has one effect at day and another at night, or a spell that f.ex. only works at night. It can also be other things as long as it is somehow related to Day/Night.

Physics: Anything that got something to do with physics. Missiles, Knockback, Jump, Entity System/Engine, Car/Boat/Plane simulation etc. Physics allows for many different spells since almost anything is somehow related to physics. The only exception that I can think of at this moment is spiritual spells.

Spiritual: Anything related to someone's spirit. F.ex. Revive, Reincarnation, Life/Mana drain, Spell blocking, Increased Life/Mana regeneration etc. This theme requires a little more creativity.
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Well maybe you should provide the information of what it really means;) Like it always is done in the original minispell contest
Indeed. By a factor of "naming", I'd call "Spiritual". Physics can turn out fun though, as challenge will make all advanced minds do their best. Day / Night has been used a bit. Even Night/Day Fog effects.
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