Tribe TD v0.9

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Tribe TD v0.9
by Squiggy
An old tale tells the legend of conflict between the allmighty Penguin and Squiggy, long before Warcraft takes place:
The Penguin was said to be a master of black humour which he used to shame Squiggy.
While the population was amused, Squiggy was not and so he sent out his minions to kill the Penguin.
Humans, Night Elves and other Races had to take part in an united battle against his armies.​
► Tribe TD is a Tower Defense Map, played the classic way of building towers around a fixed path enemy units walk down
► Tribe TD is playable from 1 to 4 Players
► The Map features 30 Levels including a Mid-Boss and Special Levels
► Players can choose from 6 Races: Humans, Night Elves, Orcs, Undead, Critters and High Elves
► Different Tech-Trees for each race (see below)
► A few Unique surprises (I hope)
► Secrets (soon)
► 5 Difficulties
► Towers focus enemy units
► Newbie-friendly (Video Tutorial)
► Over 60 Towers to choose from
► Over 60 Abilites including active and passive ones
► 15+ Items to buy for your Towers
► 99.9% leak-free
► 148kbyte size
► Trigger-based spells


► M][thos,
► master.of.chaos,
► DragoonZombie,
► as usual the testers around and on the hive
Latest Changes

-23% faster Intro
-150% less Sell-Value for Knight
-13% more Races: High Elves
-1109% more Abilities/triggered spells
-29% more bugfixes

-645% more working Fusion
-116% more Interest Systems added
-48% more Interface Updates
-17% more weak Ghost
-64% more usable Ancient of Lore

-Creeps will now be teleported back to the Spawn Point upon reaching the Goal
-the Tutorial works
-The Multiboard is responsive (and hopefully fixed)
-More Items and a second Tower for the Undead Race
-Burning Land is weaker
-Swamp Aura should be fixed




Night Elves

High Elves


The Human Race is suitable for beginners.
It features an easy Tech-Tree, passive abilities and strong towers at relatively low cost.
A range of Human Towers can be upgraded into stronger ones.
Difficulty: Very Easy

The Orc Race is relatively easy to play.
Towers posess both active and passive abilities and can be improved using buyable Items.
Orc Towers make use of Fury which temporarily strengthens them.
Difficulty: Easy

This race has only two Towers available.
The Base Towers can be improved with Items to e.g. deal more damage, add abilities or enable spellcasting.
Better Items cost more money and can be sold back to the Shrine.
Difficulty: Medium

Night Elves are the second-hardest Race in the game.
They contain very strong towers, but lategame content requires Players to
have a wide variety of towers which are also able to cast abilities automatically or actively.
Difficulty: Hard

High Elves feature a variety of towers attacking with spells.
Towers constructed during the game may spawn Auras or Units.
As most of the High Elf Towers attack multiple enemies and rely on collateral damage,
taking down Bosses is not as easy with this Race.
High Elves have reduced Building Time.
Difficulty: Easy

Critters make use of an ability to fuse with certain units.
Building stronger towers like this is necessary to unlock the requirements for lategame content.
Clever placement can make all the difference.
Difficulty: Very Hard

Game Information & Mechanics

Armor Types

Special Levels

Critter Fuse Table

Interest System

Normal Armor

Light Armor

Normal Armor

Heavy Armor

Fortified Armor

-100% damage from Siege Attacks
-100% damage from Chaos Attacks
-100% damage from Piercing Attacks
-100% damage from Magic Attacks
-100% damage from Normal Attacks

-100% damage from Siege Attacks
-100% damage from Chaos Attacks
-200% damage from Piercing Attacks
-125% damage from Magic Attacks
-100% damage from Normal Attacks

-200% damage from Siege Attacks
-100% damage from Chaos Attacks
-75% damage from Piercing Attacks
-75% damage from Magic Attacks
-100% damage from Normal Attacks

-100% damage from Siege Attacks
-100% damage from Chaos Attacks
-100% damage from Piercing Attacks
-200% damage from Magic Attacks
-100% damage from Normal Attacks

-150% damage from Siege Attacks
-100% damage from Chaos Attacks
-35% damage from Piercing Attacks
-35% damage from Magic Attacks
-70% damage from Normal Attacks

HP Regen: This unit gains a certain amount of hp back per second
Split up: This unit splits up into 2 smaller units upon it's death
Swamp Aura: This unit's aura decreases the attack of nearby towers
Fast: This unit has a higher movementspeed
Frost Armor: This unit casts a frosty armor which increases it's defense by 3
Phase Shift: This unit teleports itself into a subdimension making it invulernable for 1 attack
Raise dead: This unit resurrects upon it's death
Evasion: This unit has an increased chance to evade attacks

Special Levels are: 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21 / 24 / 27
Sheep Lv1 + Sheep Lv1 = Sheep Lv2
Albatross Lv1 + Albatross Lv1 = Albatross Lv2
Albatross Lv2 + Sheep Lv2 = Flying Sheep lol
Polar Bear + Polar Bear = Polar Bear Lv2
Pandaren + Pandaren = Brewmaster
Zergling + Zergling = Hydralisk

Interest is given every 30 seconds to Players.
The value given depends on Difficulty and Current Gold.
Choosing Very Easy and Easy sets the base value to 2%, Normal and Hard to 3% and Very Hard 4%.
The interest will be applied in a range of 100-2000 Gold, where the interest will be set to 100 Gold fixed.


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Tribe TD v0.9 (Map)

16:34, 31st Jul 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 4
Mar 18, 2009
There's a tutorial at the start of the game which is good, as this is an alpha version, I hope the future version will have more race and towers.
Does the items stack? Example if one tower holds 2 pain share, will the damage/effect be doubled?
There's no hotkey for the towers, I need to slowly click from A-Z to find the hotkey.
Stop and Sell tower has the same hotkey, I wanted to stop my tower from attacking and I clicked S and it sold my tower!
After someone die, during boss round, the boss still spawn for the particular person.
How do you check your life?

The scoreboard's life bar is bugged.

EDIT: I realised that different race have different means of upgrading, Black Citadel needs to buy items while Human Barracks need to upgrade the towers, nice idea.
Human is bugged, you buy a knight for 8 gold and sell it for 14 gold.
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Level 22
Nov 14, 2008
haha finally my man, been waiting for the twistys for so long :)

oh god, played demonic

When you get afford with Burning Land item, you can basicly farm out the game to lvl 25 without leaking (ofc if you buy more burning lands) had 3 and made it to 30 without problem

Squiggy boss ... uber, cant go down with demonic lawl -.-

burning land can hit other players lanes

why arent the active spells autocasted? like if you buy the item, add it to unit group and if the attacking unit is in unit group order unit to ...

Swamp Aura lvl dont work on demonic race, they wont be slowed

the multiboard lives is a bit f*cked up

why is it a creep camp in the top right map (A)

when creep spawns, make them auto face the direction instead of just creating them and they have to turn, it looks ugly

is it just me or does it spawn less units for each lvl? it were like 1000 in the start and just 7 in the end?

else it looks good but as you said, it's only an alpha stage (thought the map says BETA)

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Level 1
Dec 21, 2009
Very nice!
I played with critters, and the game was very easy on Normal difficulty.
I tried to fuse EVERYTHING with pandaren, and pandaren with EVERYTHING (also EVRYTHING with EVERYTHING) and even so, I didn't find the pandaren brewmaster.
Otherwise I really like it! Good job!
Level 1
Sep 29, 2009
@Author: first of all i wanna thank for your work :)

but pls, can u tell me how to fuse a pandaren brewmaster? I tried to fuse everything with everything but i still cant figure it out.

Thanks and greetings
Level 3
Oct 19, 2010
Hey there,

i played with a Friend this TD of yours, and we really enjoyed it, however there is still a lot to do and to fix.


In itself it has a nice System, however you need to be able to have more Fusions to have more Options.
If you fuse 2 Pandaren Lvl 1 you get a Gen Tech Labor, that has an upgrade for High Elves Archon, is this really how it should work?
Lvl 1 Zergling description says he has a 50% chance to make a 1000x crit, however he can only crit for 500x.

Night Elves:

The Spy's Owls are way too strong, i managed to get till first boss Wave with only 6 of them.
The Keeper of the Grove is really bugged, his Entangle can 1 shot even the last boss(no joke). it does like 20 dmg ever 0.0001 sec
Illidan's description says he has Chaos Dmg, but he has ierce dmg. Evil Illidans DMG Aura doesnt work on himself, is that planned?


The Knight's Poison does the DMG instantly, meaning the Knight has early 32 DMG, for the Price he is really too strong.


Many Splash Towers don't even have splash, and i checked by placing only 1 and looked if the Minions next to it would get DMG, they didnt.
Player Blue has 3 Trolls in his Area, they are killable and giving gold that way. If you have a High Range Tower(over 1000) you can easily do them without being afraid of losing your tower, since they are trapped in the forest and only have 700 range
If you have High Range Towers(over 1000) you can kill Creeps from other Players.
If a Player Laggs out, there are some Issues,if there are still creeps in his field, they continute to walk and respawning at the start and the Multiboard disappears too.
The Interest System only starts if Some1 has 100 Gold, if you have 97 Gold and 3% Interest, you dont get anything. Thats not nice.
The Game needs Serious balancing, except with Critter Race early, all Races could save money starting at round 3-5 till round 15 at least

I think so, I still lack people who are willing to test that map in MP with me.

If you need People to play/test this TD with, or just some Ideas for new Races/Waves, i would offer my help, you just need to ask;)
Level 3
Oct 19, 2010
As soon as i see an update here, i will test the new Version, since i really think this map has potential(a few more races, a few more special rounds...;))