Tree of Nightmare (Reforged)

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Nightmare skin of the Night Elf Tree of Life / Ages / Eternity, building / ancient, for the Emerald Nightmare Map:

As with other treants and ancients it's reference comes from WoW:
Nightmare Ent
Nightmare Ancient

Team-coloured screenshot below:


Texture for roots and it's path here:

Nightmare NightElf Buildup / Birth (Reforged)

Icon Tier 1 (Icon)

Icon Tier 2 (Icon)

Icon Tier 3 (Icon)

Tier 1 (Texture)

Tier 1 (Texture)

Tier 1 Emissive (Texture)

Tier 2 (Texture)

Tier 2 Emissive (Texture)

Tier 3 Emissive (Texture)

Level 3
Dec 11, 2014
Are you able to use both these skins and the original nightelf building skins with the new Reforged skins system? Just curious because this is an absolute BEAUTY for Nightelf vs Satyr type campaigns/maps in general