Nightmare Satyr (Reforged)

Nightmare Satyr skin of the creep Satyr, for the Emerald Nightmare Map:

The texture's colouring is based on Oxana Che's artwork, while the greenish leather's hue is taken from the original Nightmare Cenarius Reforged skin.

Screenshot for the skin with team colouring below:



Icon (Icon)

Main (Texture)

Main Emissive (Texture)

Weapon (Texture)

Weapon Emissive (Texture)

Just for a comparison, this is what the SAME skin looked like before the ¨team-colour¨ patch.
Yes, I'm still pissed that they decided to apply a flat saturation filter over every model instead of improving the team colours.
hence the game any hope of dark or even somewhat realistic aesthetic it had at launch.