Nightmare Dragon (Reforged)

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Here is my first skin submission!

Here is also a video of it in action:

It's inspired by the Nightmare Dragons from World of Warcraft: Legion and will be part of my upcoming custom campaign based on the beginning of the Emerald Nightmare.
An icon might be made in the future, depending on my need. See comments for all three pieces of the skin.

Special thanks to Moonman for creating and sharing his first Emerald Nightmare skin so I would be able to make some as well.

Let's keep the Nightmare skins coming!

EDIT: The skin parts are updated, lighting is improved and size went from 8mb to 1mb! Please let me know if you encounter any errors.

Body textures (Texture)

Head glow (Texture)

Head textures (Texture)

That's a good start!

I actually made a full Nightmare reskin for the same black dragon, but found out that it's way better to do a green dragon.
Not for lore reasons alone, but rather the colour itself (it's naturally brighter and easier to make purple like Ysera is in WoW).

I also suggest editing the to full red (don't forget that it can be resized to like 50% without loosing any quality.. it's only light after all).
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Dec 15, 2013
Hi! I dont know if its an error or I am doing something wrong, but when I import and change the import paths it came out like the image. Please could you help me. Thank you very much. PD: it looks so awesome in the videos