Towered Hunters Hall

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Well yeah, guys, I've come up with this thingamajig. :3 The idea was to make something like those small forts with towers, like in Heroes of the Storm. This is the Night Elven one, and, over testing it, I've found out that it works very nice when based on an Ancient Protector building.

W.E. tweaks from there:
Projectile launch X: 0
Projectile launch Y: 0
Projectile launch Z: 360

(feel free to play with these settings if they don't feel right to you tho :b)

This building comes also with 'Stand Work', 'Attack', and 'Stand Ready' animations. Accompanying missile is just a blue recolor of the 'Orb of Death' missile, that Arcane Tower uses.

a'right, have fun and give credit.. or night elves will gank you. :b

Towered Hunters Hall (Model)

Towered Hunters Hall Missile (Model)

General Frank
A nice model-edit and great use of textures. Excellent job.
I really like this. A creative rework of the Hunter's Hall into something very different & creative. Verah Noice, mate. I'd love to see a similar take on a Troll building. ; )
hmm.. speakin' of it.. I've noticed that we're really lacking building skins, especially Hunters Hall.. do you know anyone who could give it a whirl? and perhaps make it troll-themed