Total lines of script?

Level 11
Feb 23, 2008
How Much Code?
The core of the game is pretty small. Its just I have so many systems to make the game as easy to play as possible and its those systems that add the most code.

GUI Version (X Amount of Lines of Code)
Eh, Depends. the Version that's up is the GUI Version. And I had a few snags along the way That I didn't know how to resolve so I Found the hard way around. So There is quite a bit but its much more streamlined then before. (The game isnt locked If you want to mess around and look at the code).

Jass Version (X/5 + Much easier to work with)
The Jass Version I never released , It has support beams and all the pieces work independently and so its much easier to debug and to understand when i am looking at how the game functions as a hole. The issue is I never quite finished the jass version, I got busy and then got into starcraft.

Starcraft 2 Version (X/8 + Much Much easier Mostly Because I finally got custom data types that I could have large arrays with)
With starcraft I built quite a bit of the code but got stuck on being able to change the Pitch of a unit after its made. And I Will not do it the way I did with the gui where I had tons of preset units It was a pain to work with. So In-till I figure that out I wont be continuing with the star-craft one.

Side Note
I Spent Most of my time not adding features to the game but trying to lower the learning curve as i found people would always say "How do I play" And many would get mad and quit after 2-3 min of trying. I wanted to make it as simple as possible.

If I get the starcraft one out I will feel like I really got what I wanted to have done in the first place. And Most importantly The Interface Will be way easier.